• 6k-8k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    其他 / 不需要融资 / 2000人以上
    岗位职责: 岗位职责 Job Description 1. Responsible for the analysis of production data, such as robot detection data, report to the department on a regular basis and keeping track of state data. 2. 负责生产数据的分析,例如机器人检测数据,定期向部门汇报,持续跟踪数据状态。 3. To promote problem solving, such as the QRQC, PSS. 推动问题解决,例如QRQC ,PSS。 4. To promote the production areas optimization 推进生产区域改善。 5. Quality control in production area, assist in 14 Q implementation etc. 生产区域质量管控,协助14Q等指导落实。 6. Other tasks assigned by line manager 直接经理安排的其他任务。 专业资质要求 Professional Requirements 1. College degree or above in Engineering or related subjects 工程学或者相关专业的本科或以上学历 2. 3 years relevant work experience, 1-2 year project experience 3年以上相关工作经验,1-2年以上项目经验佳 3. Very familiar with office software, and data analysis ability 非常熟悉办公软件,数据分析归纳能力 4. Fluent English listening, speaking & writing abilities 良好的英语听说读写能力 5. Good communication skills to communicate efficiently upward, downward and across team 良好的沟通能力,有效的进行团队内部及跨部门沟通
  • 10k-15k·15薪 经验3-5年 / 本科
    移动互联网,其他 / 不需要融资 / 2000人以上
    Job Description Production planning Based on customer monthly rolling forecast, properly allocate production capacity. Make daily production planning to fulfill customer delivery demand by maximum utilize production capacity. Make levelling pattern to control production pace Fast react towards market change Fulfill all the production related reports with high quality on time. Production control Monitor and improve daily output and levelling performance. Reduce WIP and block stock. Coordinate quality problem in case happened, avoid impact to customer delivery and production line out of control. Adapt proper Push or Pull principle into value stream. KPI monitor and improvement Close tracking KPI and take activity for improving. Detailed KPIs see below. Leveling performance/Auto planning/TCT/OTD Optimize value stream information flow and production planning Interface between delivery and source, improve the information flow. Improve planning quality and efficiency. Regular review and optimize planning parameter setting Increase BPS maturity level for production Projects derived by system CIP workshop Qualifications Qualifications Requirement Bachelor degree or above, mainly major at commercial study subjects as industrial engineering, supply chain management, business management, technical studies (mechanical, electronic engineering, IT/computer science) will be preferred. Fluent English in listening, speaking, reading & writing Good communication, coordination and conflict management skills Logical thinking Team work spirit Be proactive with passion, willing to work under high pressure, diverse environment Job Relevant Knowledge and Experience Logistics/supply chain planning (S-M-D) and management. SAP / planning tool knowledge and planning process understanding BPS/lean logistics knowledge Logistics reporting and IT tool knowledge/understanding(excel, PPT) Basic understanding of general controlling aspects mainly focus to logistics controlling
  • 消费生活 / 不需要融资 / 500-2000人
    Daniel Wellington is a Swedish company with HQ in Stockholm. We are a truly global brand who have sold to almost every country world wide and with seven offices located all around the world. We have since our inception in 2011 challenged the watch industry by going our own way and we are always looking for brilliant people that want to grow together with us. We give you the possibility to influence, take ownership, and be a part of a journey that only just begun. Join us in our movement, together we engage the world. WHAT YOU’LL BE UP TO: Responsible for delivery performance, delivery quality, price, cost and sustainability are implemented Development of existing supplier relationships with a structured approach to continuous improvement Overall responsibility for product quality Ensure (production) capacity based on forecasts Evaluation & selection of potential suppliers Maintain the relationship with each supplier, including contractual and negotiation Travels between China and other countries WHAT YOU’RE GREAT AT: Applicant should have relevant technical education. Minimum of 5 years of experience in sourcing and production (preferably watches and jewelry) Experience with production in China Experience and knowledge of CSR Certain technical background in production of commercial products Skills in in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint Attention to details Great analytical skills Fluency in English both written and verbal is a must, Mandarin/ Cantonese is a plus WHAT WE OFFER: In this job you get to work in a fast-paced and rapid-growing environment where you need to be flexible day to day. You will spend your days with a highly skilled sales team who are all ambitious and who loves to do a great job. And have fun while doing so. We want you to come in, take ownership of your area of responsibility and make sure you take our brand to new levels. If you’re the right person we will offer you a great role, in a fun company with great benefits. Join us in our exciting journey ahead.
  • 文娱丨内容 / D轮及以上 / 2000人以上
    职位职责: 1. Standardize and optimize operation management mechanism & process for global risk investigation trend analysis team 规范和优化全球风险调查趋势分析,不断完善团队的运营管理机制和流程 2. Manage the risk trend analysis team's performance, track and deep dive on any exceptions, take solid actions to make sure sustainable results can be delivered 提升风险趋势分析团队的绩效,跟踪和深入研究任何例外情况,采取可靠的措施以确保团队输出稳定的结果 3. Conduct assessments to define and analyze possible risks 通过评估,从而发现和分析潜在的风险 4. Manage the day to day production of risk trend analysis team, fix the issues quickly and effectively 管理风险趋势分析团队的日常产出,快速有效地解决问题 5. Contribute insights, set up realistic and stretching goal and KPI metrics, keep tracking and driving efficient actions 提供见解,建立切合实际、可延伸的目标和KPI指标,保持追踪,并推动有效的行动 6. Drive continuously improvement as process expert to help to improve overall operation management efficiency 以流程专家的身份不断改进,帮助提高整体运营管理效率 7. Work as the Point of Contact to provide ad-hoc and regular support to stakeholders 可作为对接人,为相关团队提供支持 职位要求: 1. Bachelor's Degree or equivalent education/experience, advanced degree is preferred; 本科学历或相同教育/经验,高学历者优先 2. 5+ years' working experience on operation management role in tech or media company, risk control or investigation experience is a plus 5年以上科技公司或媒体公司运营管理的工作经验,具有风险控制或调查经验者优先; 3. Fluent English in both written and spoken; other language is a plus 具备优秀的英语沟通写作能力;使用其他语言可作为加分项 4. Deep understanding of commercial risk analysis,great communication skills. 对商业风险分析有深刻的了解,具有良好的沟通能力 5. Proficient skills on EXCEL, familiar with formulas and pivot tables 精通EXCEL,熟悉公式和数据透视表 6. Good information analysis and interpret capability; 良好的信息分析能和诠释数据的能力; 7. Excellent problem-solving, task prioritization, follow-up, and quick learning skills 具备出色的问题解决、任务优先级、后续跟进和快速学习的能力 8. Hive/SQL/Spark/Map-Reduce/MPI distributed computing framework skills, able to design and develop massive data models is a plus 会使用Hive / SQL / Spark / Map-Reduce / MPI分布式计算框架技能,能够设计和开发海量数据模型者优先
  • 文娱丨内容 / D轮及以上 / 2000人以上
    职位职责: 1. Standardize and optimize operation management mechanism & process for global Risk Investigation Public Opinion Analysis/Quick Response Team 规范和优化全球风险调查舆情分析/快速反应团队的运营管理机制和流程 2. Manage the Public Opinion Analysis/Quick Response Team performance, track and deep dive on any exceptions, take solid actions to make sure sustainable results can be delivered 管理舆论分析/快速反应团队的绩效,跟踪和深入探讨任何例外情况,采取果断行动以确保可以实现可持续的结果 3. Manage the day to day production of Public Opinion Analysis/Quick Response Team, fix the issues quickly and effectively 管理舆论分析/快速反应小组的日常工作,快速有效地解决问题 4. Contribute insights, set up realistic and stretching goal and goal metrics, keep tracking and driving efficient actions 提供见解,建立切合实际、可延伸的目标和目标指标,保持跟踪并推动有效的行动 5. Drive continuously improvement as process expert to help to improve overall operation management efficiency 以流程专家的身份不断改进,帮助提高整体运营管理效率 6. Work as the Point of Contact to provide ad-hoc and regular support to stakeholders 可作为项目对接人,为利益相关者提供特定的和常规的支持 职位要求: 1. 3- 5 years' working experience on operation management role in a major tech or media company, ads or content review experience is a plus 3-5年科技公司或媒体公司运营管理的工作经验,广告或内容相关经验者优先 2. Fluent English in both written and spoken; other language is a plus 具备优秀的英语沟通写作能力;其他语言可作为加分项 3. Deep understanding of operation management, including vendor management, metrics improvement, efficiency enhancement and etc 对运营管理有深刻的理解,包括供应商管理,指标改进,效率提高等 4. Proficient skills on EXCEL, familiar with formulas and pivot tables 精通EXCEL,熟悉公式和数据透视表 5. Good information analysis and interpret capability 良好的信息分析和诠释能力 6. Excellent problem-solving, task prioritization, follow-up, and quick learning skills 具备出色的问题解决、任务优先级、后续跟进和快速学习的能力
  • 20k-33k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    硬件 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    Xiaomi Global Creative Content Manager   Job description   Job Summary    The Creative Content Manager is responsible for planning and producing creative and impressive content for global marketing communication purpose. The role should be skillful in story-telling with videos, images or words to influence our end-users. He/She will also be responsible for the statistics generated by the content. The role should be skilled in editing and sensitive to social trends. Commercial campaign planning experience is preferred.     Responsibilities   • Planning and conducting creative work/campaigns together with the HQ team • Support content operation on social media and help the team to achieve better statistics • Planning marketing and branding content for the company/products as well as some cooperation projects • Collaborate with designer team and/or agencies to ensure production • Planning and conducting creative content for different overseas markets/countries   Qualifications   • 4+ years of experience in marketing/creative planning/content production/director/media • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, Film/video production or related field is preferred, or the equivalent knowledge and/or experience • Exceptional experience running branding campaigns and social media content with strong perception in storytelling angles • Fun and Creative • Ability to work in a collaborative environment • Fluent verbal and written communication skills in English   Additional:   • Certain level of knowledge in marketing communication • High level of initiative; take accountability for role on projects • Experience working globally or with colleagues in multiple locations • Successful case studies       小米国际创意内容经理   职位描述   【概述】负责小米国际互联网业务部的传播内容策划及制作,包括但不限于创意视频、图文等形式。擅长讲故事,能够通过画面感、情境感的内容打动终端用户。对内容产生的数据结果负责。精通视频拍摄和剪辑。社交媒体重度用户,对热点敏感,善于创作社交媒体传播的内容。   【工作职责】 • 与总部团队一起策划并创作创意内容和活动 • 支持社交媒体运营团队的内容运营,并对内容产生的结果负责 • 为公司、产品及合作项目创作传播内容 • 针对海外其他市场/国家的不同文化和环境,策划适合当地传播的内容     【任职要求】 • 4年以上编导/编辑/导演/内容策划或相关经验 • 本科以上学历,传媒、新闻、导演/编剧、视频创作或相关专业 • 有过成功社交媒体传播内容制作案例或自媒体运作经验优先具备一定的行业 • 有趣、有料、有创意、有Facebook、Instagram、Twitter、抖音、快手内容操盘经验者优先 • 有海外或在多语言文化环境生活/工作经验优先 • 流利的英文读写能力
  • 30k-40k 经验5-10年 / 本科
    移动互联网,广告营销 / 不需要融资 / 50-150人
    工作职责: Tech业务发展 1.根据与管理层确认的Tech战略与总经理及制定团队年度业务规划,完成业务指标;组织架构、招聘规划及发展规划。 2.帮助客户建设营销技术解决方案,底层搭建用户大数据平台,中层搭建消费者活跃体系和social crm;前端搭建小程序,app,h5等数字化应用,实现企业营销的数字化转型。 技术开发: 1.负责公司技术项目的需求业务调研、技术框架建设、前端与后端的代码质量控制,确保公司出品质量; 2.监督并负责后端开发,督促团队学习并应用最新的后端代码; 3.对数据库进行有效的管理,并确保数据库配置及安全性; 4.监督管理服务器配置,确保高并发、分布式的配置,确保服务器应急预案,无数据事故发生; 5.确保项目代码版本控制,DEV/Staging/Production环境的正确应用及备份; 6.对大数据运算有一定的了解并需要进行深入研究。 项目管理: 1.负责技术项目时间表把控,确保项目按时准确上线; 2.负责解答内部与外部相关技术咨询及技术问题的需求并提供解决方案; 3.负责网站原型图(UI)的制作及用户体验(UE)与创意部的讨论。 IT支持: 1.有效沟通业务、职能部门,提供IT技术服务支持,协调各部门并推进制度流程、系统建设和IT其他相关工作的开展; 2.确保公司稳定运营所需的IT基础环境,如数据中心、网络、邮件系统、网站、信息安全等,并采用轻便型的市场领先方式经营; 3.制定和执行年度IT软、硬件方案及预算。 业务拓展: 1.作为公司技术业务的负责人,与PM一起承担技术业务拓展并达成相应指标。 团队管理: 1.协同公司发展,与人事部共同制定部门成本规划,并直接向总经理汇报; 2.制定团队整体发展和技术组协作、个人成长规划; 3.保证并监督技术部工作内容,并帮助提升团队技术能力; 4.把控工作时间进度,负责组内的工作分配及人员分配; 5.对部门成员进行不同层级的专业培训和指导,管理并提升技术的产出与执行。 跨部门沟通 1.协调技术部与其它部门之间的工作协作关系,不出现跨部门投诉; 2. 梳理技术部内部的业务流程及技术部跨部门作业流程并不断优化。 职位要求 : 1.本科及以上学历,具备8年以上技术经验,3年以上部门管理经验; 2.具备互联网运营思维维度及用户体验至上价值观,BAT曾担任技术高管优先; 3.精通Mysql数据库,精通Java/PHP/Python等语言的至少两种,精通各类项目管理工具; 4.精通前端开发语言,JS/HTML/CSS3,掌握主流前端开发框架VUE/AngularJS等; 5.深刻理解软件研发过程和生命周期,具备良好的软件研发过程管理和控制的技能,包括进度安排和控制、风险控制、质量管理、配置管理和软件发布等; 6.动态把握互联网行业运营、用户、技术、产品等变化和发展趋势; 7.有使命必达的勇气,能承担高负荷工作节奏; 8.乐于沟通,善于团队合作。
  • 13k-25k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    其他,移动互联网 / 未融资 / 15-50人
    职位描述 Job Description   工作职责:Key Duties   参与项目前期界面视觉研究、互动体验设计;   Involved in the project preliminary interface visual, interactive experience design;   参与项目内容设计,制作;   Involved in the project design, production;   招聘要求:Skills and Aptitudes Required:   掌握人机交互设计理论知识和实践经验,对于用户体验有一定的理解,能够从用户的角度来设计界面;   Grasp the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in human-computer interaction design, there is a certain understanding of the user experience, and be able to design the interface from the user’s point of view;   能够熟练运用PS, AI,Axure,C4D or 3D Max等设计工具;   Skilled use of design tools such as PS, AI,Axure,C4D or 3D Max,;   有优秀的界面设计功底和设计创意;   Excellent interface design skills and design ideas;   有良好美术基础和审美能力,有手绘经验优先;   Good basic art and aesthetic, hand-painted, experience preferred;   有较强的学习能力,能不断学习国际先进设计理念和趋势;   Learning ability, continuous learning international advanced design concepts and trends;   对工作有强烈的责任心,有团队合作精神;   Work have a strong sense of responsibility, team spirit;   有触摸UI设计,手机UI设计、平板电脑UI设计经验者优先考虑;   Phone UI design, tablet PCs UI design, touch screen UI design experience is preferred;   流利的英语口语和书面表达能力;   Fluent in both oral and written English;
  • 12k-20k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    电商,消费生活 / 未融资 / 15-50人
    - Between 3 to 5 years previous work experience, with at least 2 in brand-related functions. Premium lifestyle brands preferred. - Previous experience in working with agencies, shooting, production houses and so on. - Proactive, hands-on and capable of leading agencies' work, by managing tight deadlines and giving clear feedback and guidelines - Sharp consumer insights capabilities, especially for women 25+ - Great sense for visuals, color palette and words for Brand VI and communication - Excellent Mandarin writing capabilities and good english (comfortable with 100% meeting and communication in English with Global Team) 1. 3~5年工作经验,至少2年品牌相关经验;高端生活品牌经验优先; 2. 有与广告公司、工作室、拍摄制作等公司的合作经验; 3. 积极主动,动手能力强,有能力管理合作代理的工作进度,包括但不限于严格的deadline管理,给出明确的反馈和计划方向; 4. 具备敏锐的消费者洞察力,特别是对25岁以上的女性群体; 5. 对品牌VI、视觉、调性和文字有很好的判断力; 6. 优秀的普通话写作能力和良好的英语水平(能够100%使用英语与全球团队进行会议和交流).
  • 15k-25k·14薪 经验3-5年 / 本科
    数据服务,软件开发 / 未融资 / 150-500人
    YOU WILL • Run our machine learning platform • Daily system operation and automate them with scripts as much as possible • Maintain and improve our Jenkins based CI/CD system, make the develop-to-deployment process smoother and more automatic • Make monitoring with Prometheus and alert on symptoms instead of outage • Work with developer investigate and support production issues YOU NEED • Success track record of 3+ years software operation experience • Well knowledge on Linux OS, familiar with Linux shell programming • Has experience on Grafana and Prometheus • Accountable and responsible attitude in daily work. • Able to address task, resolve problem independently. • Good communication skills in oral and written English. • Strong inter-personal networking skills with the ability to relate to executives and other team members through all organizational levels • Have experience on GPU is a big plus • Familiar with building CI/CD process, especially Jenkins based system is a plus • Agile project experience is a plus 工作地点: 浦东新区张江高科
  • 15k-25k 经验不限 / 本科
    移动互联网,游戏 / 不需要融资 / 50-150人
    岗位角色: 我们正在寻找项目经理,希望你对游戏开发项目管理富有热情,能够帮助团队解决具体问题,确保按时且在计划内成功交付游戏。 您将管理游戏开发和产品发布的各个方面,确保以最高产品质量要求完成产品。 岗位职责: • 负责游戏开发过程中项目计划的制定,跟踪和维护,确保项目按时交付; • 负责游戏开发过程中各职能人力资源的协调和组织,确保团队高效协同工作; • 负责游戏开发中风险控制、及时监控和解决开发过程中的相关问题,确保项目有序进行; • 根据市场研究分析,保持更新产品,游戏开发过程中事项的经验总结,促进团队稳步成长。 任职要求: • 本科以上学历,5年以上工作经验,软件/通讯/电子等相关专业优先; • 熟悉产品设计与项目,过往有软件行业管理经验优先; • 英文流利,能够在英文环境中工作 • 工作积极主动,具有高度的责任心、自驱力; • 具有良好的沟通、交流和组织能力; • 工作细致认真,能承担短期项目压力,有效的控制项目目标的达成。 What's the role? If you think you're a detailed coordinator, a master of project management, a leader in game development and a passion for problem solving, then this position may just be the right one for you. We are looking for a Project Manager to ensure the successful delivery of a game - on time and within budget. You would oversee all aspects of a game's development and delivery. This includes monitoring completed work to ensure the highest quality. Responsibility: • Establish project scope, goals and requirements based on company priorities • Set key directions including core functionality, style, monetization strategy and content based on extensive research • Create detailed plans for production scheduling, resource and task allocation • Coordinate with other teams to ensure goals are met according to schedule and expectation • Maintain and update products, making changes based on research and analysis as needed Requirements: • Minimum Bachelor's from a top university a must. 5+ years in consumer software/mobile/electronics/toys or equivalent • Proficient with consumer product design and production, or past management experience in software an advantage • Fluent English. Must be able to work in an English environment • Skills: Project Management, Problem Solving, Cross-functional communication, Coordination, Resources Management, Working under pressure, Detail-oriented, Shouldering Responsibility
  • 8k-12k 经验不限 / 本科
    移动互联网,游戏 / 不需要融资 / 50-150人
    岗位职责: 协调各相关部门的流程工作,确保各环节工作顺利推进; 跟进项目进度,确保项目产品的符合公司质量; 能够与项目相关合作部门进行沟通协调,确定交付周期、人员调配、成本控制,确保产品制作环节顺畅; 制定项目时间安排计划,资源安排与制定项目组工作目标,协调团队确保目标按照计划预期完成项目; 撰写项目相关文档,编辑翻译与校对项目文档,负责产品内部测试; 收集整理与管理项目资源。 任职要求: 本科及以上学位,工作经历不限 良好的英文听说读写能力,有跨国企业经验者优先 熟悉IT相关数字工具与软件 积极主动,认真努力,良好的团队精神 Responsibility: Create detailed plans for production scheduling, resource and task allocation. Coordinate with teams to ensure goals are met according to schedule and expectation. Follow up project progress, and writing project documents, English editing, and proofreading. Collect, organize, and file resources for production.   Requirements: Bachelor degree. Interns and new graduates are acceptable. Strong English writing and reading skills. MNC experience is a plus. Familiarity with digital tools such as Google Apps. High EQ, proactive and hard worker, team player.
  • 10k-20k·14薪 经验1-3年 / 本科
    移动互联网 / A轮 / 150-500人
    岗位职责:  负责海外市场的品牌传播和用户增长,对DAU负责和收入指标负责;  分析产品特点、市场环境和竞争对手,有效整合各类资源并根据公司产品推广战略制定营销增长方案;  负责线上线下市场营销推广工作的策划、执行、推进、分配、计划、后续效果的跟进回馈和总结,通过各种市场推广手段完成既定的增长目标;  协同拉通产品、运营、市场投放团队,联合策划用户增长和品牌宣传计划案以及落地执行,实现业务核心指标的增长;  扩展、维护各类合作渠道,根据产品特色和推广战略开拓异业合作。  关注市场动态和当地区域资讯,了解体验市场各类产品,不定期进行竞品及市场趋势分析;  协调内外部资源推动方案上线,根据效果不断迭代;  负责线上营销、增长运营类活动、数据分析等相关工作。 任职要求:  3年及以上APP用户增长相关产品经验,熟悉互联网产品各种增长玩法,有成功百万DAU日活APP产品经历者优先;对社交/直播类产品,有独到的见解,对于如何推广约会类产品有清晰的思路者,可加分。  有实际操作过成功项目经验,有自己的方法论,熟悉线上线下多渠道的传播形式如:网红营销,娱乐营销,线下活动等优先;  有实际和海外的:广告公司/公关公司/咨询公司/MCN/Production House 等各类 Agency 合作的经验;熟悉海外产品推广渠道,探索分析推广方式;  拥有较强的学习能力和适应能力,良好的沟通技巧和能力,认同创业式的企业文化,能够有成事为先、不区分工作界面的精神;  了解当地市场环境、文化习俗,掌握当地小语种语言能力者可加分(日语/英语)
  • 9k-12k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    电商,消费生活 / 未融资 / 150-500人
    Role Summary: This role will be part of the Creative Hub Team and will be responsible for graphic design elements of the globally developed product especially for Asia, in order to cater to the needs of Asia consumers. He /She will own the graphic design process, from creation of artwork, input on relevant silhouettes and completion of tech packs, making sure that final products meet the requirements specified in the seasonal product brief. Essential Duties and Tasks: 1. Research, study and interpret market trends from a design perspective and seasonal global design directions 2. Take part in competitor store / market visits quarterly 3. Produce trend reports 4. Develop concept boards to support design presentations, and execute related design materials including: TVCs, model KVs, Product KVs, selling point images, lifestyle images…. 5. Support fabric/trims brief and selection 6. Design graphics artwork across all divisions: Europe& APAC 7. Produce & hand over Tech Packs to Production & Sourcing teams, ensuring that all relevant information & reference materials required are included 8. Support sample review for graphic technique, color standards and placement 9. Ensure that efficient interaction & communication are maintained with Product Development 10. Assist with design manager to support the launch of products Qualification & Requirement: * University degree (or equivalent) in graphic design or above, strong hand drawing skills. * Strong knowledge in skincare or beauty and graphic design trends. * At least 2 - 3 years of graphic design experience gained from reputable skin care or beauty companies. * Proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop and other digital graphic systems.
  • 13k-20k·13薪 经验3-5年 / 本科
    金融 / 上市公司 / 500-2000人
    • Work closely with our application engineering teams to define and produce implementation-related documents to ensure the solution implemented is in line with requirements • Support system change processes by guiding the engineering and quality assurance team through the requirements and managing change deployment process • Ensure the solutions are fully utilized by the our business users and identify opportunities in similar business user groups to extract maximum value • Assist our application support team in user and operational support Your Responsibilities: • Develop detailed project plans and timelines, drive them to completion through tight collaboration with business users with support from internal teams • Own each assigned project/tasks. Act as the primary day-to-day project engagement point person working across multiple internal groups, external vendors, driving tasks through completion with tight timeline • Drive transparency and consistency through clear communication and production of clear documentations • Streamline global collaborations in the design, implementation and delivery of solutions • Leverage your relationship building skills to build and maintain credible relationships with partners, business users and internal teams Qualifications: • 5 years working experience of business analysis in the financial industry • Proven experience in both independent and collaborative working environments in a fast moving business • Proven ability to understand complex financial products and complicated business workflows • Demonstrated history of scoping and requirements gathering • Demonstrated ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines and approach work methodically with attention to detail • Consistently demonstrate clear and concise written and verbal communication in English and Mandarin • Strong interpersonal skills and relationship building ability • Bachelor's degree/University degree or equivalent experience Preferred Skills: • Knowledge of fixed Income business and products in an international investment bank • Understanding of various market risk measures • Understanding of main regulatory framework, e.g. Volcker and MiFID II • Prior experience working with market data/connectivity providers and trading platforms, e.g. Bloomberg, Reuters or ION • 3+ years past experience in project management •与我们的应用工程团队密切合作,定义和生成实施相关的文档,以确保实施的解决方案符合要求 •通过指导工程和质量保证团队通过需求和管理变更部署过程,支持系统变更过程 •确保我们的业务用户充分利用这些解决方案,并在类似的业务用户群体中发现机会,以获取最大价值 •协助我们的应用程序支持团队提供用户和操作支持 您的职责: •制定详细的项目计划和时间表,在内部团队的支持下,通过与业务用户的紧密合作推动其完成 •拥有每个分配的项目/任务。作为主要的日常项目接洽人,在多个内部团队、外部供应商之间工作,推动任务在严格的时间内完成 •通过清晰的沟通和清晰的文档制作,提高透明度和一致性 •优化解决方案设计、实施和交付方面的全球合作 •利用您的关系构建技能,与合作伙伴、业务用户和内部团队建立和维护可靠的关系 资质: •5年金融行业业务分析工作经验 •在快速发展的企业中具有独立和协作工作环境的成熟经验 •有能力理解复杂的金融产品和复杂的业务流程 •展示范围界定和需求收集的历史 •具备在压力下工作的能力,能够在紧迫的期限内完成工作,并有条不紊地处理工作,注意细节 •始终用英语和普通话进行清晰简洁的书面和口头交流 •较强的人际交往能力和人际关系建设能力 •学士学位/大学学位或同等经验 **技能: •了解国际投资银行的固定收益业务和产品 •了解各种市场风险度量 •了解主要监管框架,如沃尔克和米非迪II •有与市场数据/连接供应商和交易平台(如彭博社、路透社或ION)合作的经验 •3年以上项目管理经验