• 35k-45k·15薪 经验5-10年 / 本科
    旅游|出行 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    Job Responsibility: 1. Lead the international air-ticketing product team to promote Trip.com ( http://trip.com/ ) online international air-ticketing products. 2. Work together with the business team and the engineering team to ensure the business requirements are incorporated in product design and implementation. 3. Collaborate with the external partners such as GDS, airlines, agencies and suppliers around the world for innovations on international air-ticketing products. Job Requirements: 1. Familiar with international air-ticketing business, 7+ years' experience in world leading OTAs, airlines or GDS companies is preferred. 2. Good understanding of internet ecommerce, 7+ years' experience in online product design is required. 3. Excellent communication skills. Be able to communicate with business team and partners and elaborate business requirements in product design for engineering implementation. 4. Proficient English. Overseas working experience is highly desired.5. Technology background, especially basic knowledge on computer science and engineering is a plus.6. Fluent in Chinese is a preference.
  • 内容资讯,短视频 / D轮及以上 / 2000人以上
    职位职责: 1、负责国际电商物流运配管理产品的建设,包括需求分析、产品方案设计和产品迭代升级,不断提升产品的核心指标; 2、打造配送产品核心能力建设,包括资源调度、路径规划、运力管理、全程跟踪等,帮助业务实现提效降本; 3、负责产品体验优化,通过用户调研、竞品分析和实地考察,识别机会和定位问题,并最终推进产品优化; 4、支持配送业务的发展战略落地,制定相应的产品策略、产品规划和产品路线图。 1. Responsible for building international e-commerce logistics transportation management (TMS) products, including requirement analysis, product solution design and product optimization, continuously driving the improvements of the key metrics of product; 2. Build the core capabilities of delivery products, including task planning, route planning, transportation resource management, end-to-end tracking, etc., to support operations to improve efficiency and reduce cost; 3. Responsible for product experience optimization, through user research, competitors' product analysis and field research, identify the opportunities and define the problems, and ultimately drive product optimization; 4. Supporting the achievement of the strategy of the transportation business develops corresponding product strategies, product plans and roadmaps. 职位要求: 1、本科及以上学历,具备物流运配产品/供应链产品相关从业经验,有国际电商或国际物流经验者优先; 2、具有头部电商、物流企业、或软件厂商负责配送核心产品的多个领域,以及做过核心领域产品一号位的经验者优先; 3、具有优秀的沟通协作能力、抗压能力、创新能力,以业务结果为导向推进项目落地; 4、能够以数据驱动进行产品的问题发现,跟踪改善效果; 5、叙述条理清晰,产品逻辑清楚,英语可用作工作语言。 1. Bachelor's degree or above, with relevant working experience in logistics product/supply chain products, and those with experience in international e-commerce or international logistics are preferred; 2. Candidates who are responsible for delivering core products oTMS in multiple fields of leading e-commerce, or logistics, or software provider companies, as well as those whoo have experience in being the owner of core product areas of TMS, are preferred; 3. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, stress resistaance, innovation ability, and results-oriented to drive projects launch; 3. Be able to use data-driven to define the problem, and measure thee improvements progress; 4. The narrative is well-organized, the product logic is clear, and IEnglish can be used as a working language.
  • 内容资讯,短视频 / D轮及以上 / 2000人以上
    职位职责: 成为全球商业化团队的一员并参与驱动海外业务增长,接触从广告产品到客销关系全链路业务流程并参与数据体系建设,赋能业务。 Be part of the monetization team and contribute to global expansion. Chance to get a full view of monetization products and business operations and participate in building data assets to drive business value. 1、负责面向海外业务梳理业务运营中的数据流程,输出数据产品以及框架性的数据洞察; 2、在深入理解产品细节,业务流程、充分调研同类产品的基础上,以务实创新的原则探索最佳实践并推动落地; 3、亲自动手跑通数据流程,与研发协作,输出高质量的产品原型文档; 4、与相关团队充分协作,充分理解业务难点,把握短期和长期实现目标,制定清晰合理有共识的路线图,通过短期策略支持业务,同时推动长期产品迭代开发和上线。 1. Responsible for streamlining business workflow, delivering data products and data insights frameworks for overseas monetization business; 2. Define best practices based on a deep understanding of business workflow and product details through analysis of industry-leading products, be practical and creative; 3. Hands on the prototype of the data workflow. Collaborate with the RD team. Produce high quality product design documents; 4. Align with stakeholders, fully understand the pain point of the business, deal with both short-term and long-term solutions, and come up with a solid roadmap, support the business with short-term fix and strategy. At the same time, drive long-term product design iterations and product releases. 职位要求: 1、大学本科及以上学历,3年以上产品工作经验,2年以上数据产品相关经验; 2、熟练掌握SQL查询和Debug原数据的能力; 3、熟知数据分析框架,能将场景需求拆解成逻辑清晰的数据产品体系; 4、能独立发现问题并提出解决方案; 5、高质量产品文档及原型产出能力; 6、流畅的英文口语和书面表达; 7、有数据分析,数据科学,数据工程,统计分析相关经验优先。 1. Bachelor's degree or above, 3+ years experience in product management, 2+ years in data products area; 2. Great SQL capability for data processing and debugging; 3. Familiar with the data analysis framework, can break complex business requirements into systematical data systems; 4. Ability to execute independently; 5. Ability to produce high quality PRD and prototypes; 6. Fluent in English; 7. Experience in data analysis, data scientist, data engineering, statistics, analytics is a plus.
  • 50k-70k·13薪 经验不限 / 不限
    旅游|出行 / D轮及以上 / 500-2000人
    What will you do? Lead a team of product managers working on our App customer acquisition & engagement suite of products Drive customer growth and engagement by turing every customer interactions with the Klook App moments of Joy Work closely and influence cross-vertical product teams to ensure that vertical product flows are optimally integrated to fit customer expectations Monitor product metrics, identify opportunities, and optimize functionality Conduct quarterly and annual strategy and planning process for App user domain Conduct monthly and quarterly business reviews to share performances and roadmap What is expected? Bachelor's degree in Business, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field; MBA is a plus. 8+ years of experience in product management, with a track record of delivering successful products. Strong leadership skills with experience managing and mentoring product teams. Exceptional strategic thinking, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities. Proven ability to collaborate effectively across departments and manage stakeholder relationships. Excellent communication and presentation skills to convey complex concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. Familiarity with agile methodologies and product management tools. Passion for travel and a deep empathy for our customers around the world.
  • 18k-22k·13薪 经验5-10年 / 本科
    企业服务,消费生活 / 不需要融资 / 15-50人
    1)Assist manager to initiate new project by defining and clarifying project objectives and scopes. Deliver effective presentation and communication to sponsors and key stakeholders in both business and technology language per different purpose. 2) Define clear project scope, make sure all business stakeholders’ requirements captured and documented; translate the requirement into digital product or solution language and clearly deliver to technical team or agency. 3) Closely work with IT team and 3rd party vender, define clear project plan with either waterfall or agile model, work on regular project update and monitor every project task and milestone from business side. Manage project changes, risks and proactively reduce the risk to a lower level. 4) Manage project procedure on procurement, legal,and payment process. 5) Communicate project status to stakeholders and key project participants; manage stakeholder expectations and implement required changes Qualifications: - 5 years above working experience, 3 years above experience on retail/wholesale industry is preferred. - Go-to-market, E-commerce, B2B commerce or digital project relevant job experience is preferred. - Solid project management skill and IT or digital background is plus. - Clear and concise communication and presentation skill is a must. - Clear and fluent oral and written English communication skill is a must. - Logical thinking, energetic, passionate, and collective team spirit.
  • 10k-20k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    企业服务,医疗丨健康 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    We are currently seeking a talented Product Support Engineer in Dalian, China, to join our busy Product Support Team. You will be part of a young and exciting company that is recognized as a market leader in the SaaS space with our Industry Cloud for Life Sciences. As a member of the Product Support team you will be charged with supporting our customers, as well as internal stakeholders, such as our Consulting and Sales Engineering teams. You will work closely with Development and QA teams to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve complex issues. The successful candidate will need to learn and adapt quickly, be persistent and demonstrate “out of the box” thinking. Responsibility ·Provide global support covering all issues related to Veeva Vault ·Learn everything about our software and use that knowledge to ensure client success ·Support the client administrators across multiple organizations ·Troubleshoot critical production issues affecting end-users, including system unavailability and data integrity issues ·Create and maintain knowledge articles in our customer support portal. ·Handle inquiries regarding all technical issues, information requests on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration ·Provide coordinated support for getting new releases and configuration changes into production ·Gather information for analysis, carry out the necessary research, setup test environments, replicate issues *****ly and propose resolutions or workarounds ·Be a client facing representative of the Development and Product teams ·Document new processes and keep existing documentation and tools up to date as the environment changes ·Interface with engineering, product management and professional services when necessary ·Availability to work a rotating weekend on call schedule Requirements ·Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Japanese ·Previous technology / admin / software / level 2 support related work experience ·Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experiences ·Proven ability to collaborate and build strong relationships with customers ·Experience working successfully in a rapidly changing environment ·Professional approach, exceptional customer service is essential ·Knowledge document management systems ·Detail oriented, able to manage multiple tasks and priorities
  • 7k-10k 经验1-3年 / 大专
    企业服务,人工智能 / 未融资 / 15-50人
    About Us: Senturian Solutions headquartered in Singapore is a global company and leading provider of Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics. We specialize in artificial intelligence through video; analyzing human behaviors and objects then apply deep learning technologies and machine logic to transform that data into meaningful information. Our technology not only empowers video recording systems with omnipresent live search capabilities using AI and Deep Learning technologies, enables investigators to rapidly pinpoint people, behaviors, and objects of interest, turning video systems into a super dynamic search engine; but it also operate as a power tool for collecting business intelligence data beneficial to any industry. About the Role: The Product Assistant’s primary goal is to support the Product Director in managing Senturian’s product management efforts. Responsibilities: ● Assist in product functional demand analysis, write functional demand analysis instructions, and product manuals; ● Assist in coordinating with colleagues, improve products, assist colleagues in software system project management, and maintain the system; ● Responsible for assisting in basic work such as document production, material organization, and data collection. ● Collaborate with the software development team on projects. ● Cooperate with sales staff to provide customers with corresponding product technical parameters, product performance, product operation and other aspects of training and support according to customer needs; ● Technical support: answer technical questions and solve on-site installation and debugging problems. ● Solve daily internal test environment problems, including product hardware and software installation and debugging, troubleshooting, daily maintenance suggestions, etc. Requirements: ● College degree or above, more than 1 year of work experience; ● Proficient in office automation software; ● Good basic computer knowledge such as operating system (Linunx, Windows including Server), server hardware and network knowledge; ● Good communication skills (english, Mandarin), resource integration ability, effective understanding, project management ability, presentation ability and cross-team communication and collaboration ability; ● Be passionate about work, innovative, and able to withstand greater work pressure. Be proactive and have good decision-making ability; ● Have excellent written and oral expression skills, and be proficient in office software and related software tools such as Xmind:
  • 15k-30k 经验不限 / 本科
    科技金融,IT技术服务|咨询 / 未融资 / 150-500人
    Responsibilities: 1. Collaborate closely with Product Management and Engineering regarding product definition, project timeline, feature scope, commitments, and project-related decisions. 2. Relentlessly resolve ambiguity with positivity and clear, scalable processes 3. Define schedules, plans, and drive alignment. Drive strategic and tactical decisions to ensure successful delivery of projects 4. Evaluate existing processes and procedures. Make recommendations and drive process improvement and adoption of standard methodologies (processes, tools, etc.) 5. Effectively handle change and risk, collaborating with your colleagues to ensure the right decisions are made at the right time, appropriate communication occurs, and plans are intelligently adjusted to reflect vital fluctuations in goals and requirements. Requirements: 1. Minimum of 5 years of experience as a Product Manager in software industry 2. Scaled Agile Framework experience in a software environment 3. Proven track record to work effectively with highly technical engineering teams, with previous experience of helping them deliver against a backlog 4. Experience with development methodologies and tactics for roadmap, backlog and development management is required. Agile, Scrum, and/or other iterative development methodologies preferred. 5. Strong interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. 6. Excellent speaking, writing, and presentation skills, as well as the ability to persuade, encourage and empower others
  • 15k-30k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    物联网,通讯电子 / 不需要融资 / 少于15人
    *n-hop technologies Limited n-hop technologies is a leading technology company at the forefront of innovation in the field of data processing and network acceleration. We pioneered network coding theory and is the inventor of Batched Sparse Code (BATS), an efficient implementation of network coding. Our mission is to revolutionize the way data is processed, stored, and transmitted, empowering organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, efficiency, and scalability. We are the winner of some significant global awards and have been granted various patents (http://www.n-hop.com): *2022 Claude E. Shannon Award – the highest honor in Information Theory *2021 IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal (Citation: For fundamental contributions to information theory and pioneering network coding and its applications) *2019 Gold Medal with Congratulations from the Jury at the 47th International Exhibition of Invention of Geneva *2018 ACM SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time Paper Award -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are seeking an experienced Product Engineer who specializes in wireless network technology. As a Product Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and testing wireless network products. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure the successful execution of product specifications, quality standards, and customer requirements. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in wireless network engineering, including expertise in protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 5G/4G cellular technologies. Candidates should also possess excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. ****Responsibilities and Duties**** 1. Network Software Management: Oversee network coding software products related to 5G Network Solution and other Smart City Connectivity Solutions. 2. Evaluation Testing: Conduct evaluation testing on third-party products and components, including cellular base stations, networking equipment, and wireless devices. 3. Collaboration with Partners: Collaborate with our partners to define solution integration requirements. 4. Pre-Sales Support: Provide pre-sales support and work closely with the business team to promote our products to customers and partners. 5. Documentation Creation: Develop product specifications, datasheets, product brochures, project proposals, and other relevant documentation for our software products. 6. Internal Communication: Communicate with the internal product development team to capture detailed feature requirements received from customers. 7. Technology Research: Stay informed about current and emerging technologies and industrial standards. ****Requirements and Qualifications**** 1. Education: ABachelor’s degree (BSc)or higher in Communications, Engineering, or a related field. 2. Experience:1-2 yearsof product experience in the wireless industry, including areas such as5G/4G cellular base stations, small cells, radio units, O-RAN components, or IoT products. 3. Networking Knowledge: Basic understanding of networking is essential. 4. Software Management: Experience inmanaging software productsis advantageous. 5. Personal Attributes: (1)Motivation: Highly motivated and passionate. (2)Organization: Well-organized and accountable. (3)Proactivity: Proactive approach to tasks. (4)Multitasking: Ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize workload effectively. (5)Collaboration: Good interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with others. (6)Communication: Strong oral and written communication skills. 13. Senior Role Consideration: Candidates with more experience will be considered for the position ofsenior product engineer. ****Salary **** The salary will be commensurate with the relevant experience of the successful candidate.
  • 1k-2k 经验5-10年 / 本科
    工具 / 不需要融资 / 50-150人
    Responsibilities: § Overall planning of roadmap & lifecycle of digital products. § Responsible for engaging customers to continuously improve products and services and ensure a successful business outcome. § Definition & cross functional alignment of product vision, value, and requirements. § Features and design based on product definition. § Works with epic owners to break down the epic into features and prioritize them in the program backlog. § Work with System architect/engineering to identify technical requirements to support the solution and allocate capacity for enablement work. § Collaborate closely with solution architect to breakdown capabilities into features for product teams to implement. § Works closely with product owner to plan and manage Program Incremental (PI). § Works with business owners to ensure PIs deliver the right business outcomes. § Ensure the cross departmental alignment and resource coordination to ensure successful product delivery and operation. § Responsible for defining the product solution to meet the business goals. § Responsible for definition & cross-functional alignment of product requirements based on customer requirements. § Define user stories jointly with the business owner and maintain the team backlog. § Facilitate iteration planning by the work of reviewing and prioritizing the backlog. § Follow up the program execution together with development teams. § Responsible for accepting stories and producing system demos for business owners. § Define product iteration & release plan for both short-/ mid-/ long term and responsible for the achievement. § Works with release train engineers to provide guidance throughout the planning and execution of each PI. § Performs risk management incl. mitigations. § Monitors the progress and ensures resource availability. § Definition, internal alignment, and implementation of Digital OKR pertaining to the development of products and features. § Co-work with other PMs/POs to create business values by building unified digital experience and platform. § Assist PM lead and engineering team in building large and complex solutions. Requirements: § Bachelor degree or above. § At least 6 years working experience in IT/Internet Industry, having related experience in Automotive and Trading/FMCG/Retail is plus. § Solid knowledge about IT, having knowledge of marketing and sales is plus. § Great leadership/team influencer, having experience of vendor management is plus. § System knowledge of Jira/Confluence/XMind/Figma/Axure is must. § Must have Digital Product experience in To B business, WeChat eco is nice to have. § Must have experience of Prototyping, Project Management, Agile Delivery, Stakeholder Management. § E-Commerce experience in Automotive or Luxury brand is a plus. § Oversea study/work or international company working experience is preferred. § Software engineering experience is preferred. § Proficiency in both Chinese and English.
  • 1k-2k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    工具 / 不需要融资 / 50-150人
    Job Description: Product Manager (To-C) Purpose: • Maximum product and user value and agile ways of working driving the business objectives Accountabilities: • Creating innovative solutions by understanding customers’ problems and guide them through their challenges • Defining and aligning Product Vision, Goals & Strategy for the team’s part of the product • Aligning entire solution delivery and operations with Business Owners, other product teams, Markets and Managers • Owning and maintaining the team backlog, including non-functional requirements (NFRs). • Collaborating with development team on defining user stories and iteration increments. • Ensuring that the digital solutions (or part of it) adhere to the specification and meet the Definition of Done (DoD). • Continuously improving the product by analyzing user behavior, feedback, and data • Ensuring compliance with IT requirements, quality standards, security, and governance guidelines, including IT operations. • Keeping an eye on the overall big picture of the company’s strategy, creating synergies where possible and sharing best practices within the organization • Assisting in team setup that serves the product purpose and staying within budget boundaris Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree or above. • At least 3-5 years working experience of Product Management in IT/Internet Industry, having related experience in Automotive, Luxury or Retail is plus. • Solid knowledge about digital product, having knowledge of customer and ownership management, knowledge in WeChat eco is a plus. • Good leadership/team influencer, having experience of vendor management is plus. • System knowledge of Jira/Confluence/XMind/Figma/Axure is must. • Must have experience of Prototyping, Project Management, Agile Delivery, Stakeholder Management. • Oversea study/work or international company working experience is preferred. • Software engineering experience is preferred. • Proficiency in both Chinese and English.
  • 25k-30k 经验10年以上 / 本科
    IT技术服务|咨询 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    The Technical Product Owner (TPO) is to lead multi-functional development teams to deliver innovative products to market that deliver service and value to our premium collection customers. This role requires someone with the expertise to understand business owner’s product vision and translate/communicate requirements effectively to multiple development teams. The TPO will operate in a complex multi organizational landscape and will define requirements to drive changes to existing systems or create new systems to provide a world class customer experience. If you're looking to be a part of a dynamic and collaborative team, this may be the position for you. Major duties and responsibilities include: • Quickly develop understanding of domains, business capabilities and processes. • Work with or without direct supervision and develop documentation that comprehends business, application, and data requirements. • Translate vision/goals set by business product owners into requirements documentation for consumption by architecture, development, and test teams • Facilitate product demos with development teams and product owners • Collaborate with test teams and review test plans and test cases • Ensure appropriate and effective data integration across multiple systems. • Maintain a sprint release plan, release trajectory, and release burn-down, based on capacity and velocity predictions • Enforce team rules, help resolve impediments, facilitate efficiency, and increase the probability of success in each sprint. • Champion accountability within and outside the team and coordinate dependencies across teams • Provide visibility of development team status and issues to senior management • Promote a collaborative team environment that fosters creativity and innovation • Promote continuous team improvement, measure the team, and help the team and individuals measure themselves • Analyze the current business and IT environment to detect critical deficiencies and recommends areas for improvement Prospective team members possess a high degree of business insight, creativity, decision making skills, a drive for results, the ability to negotiate, the ability to develop strong peer relationships, and a strong technical learning capability and focus. Qualifications Minimum Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree in technical discipline (Computer Science or Engineering) • Ideally 2 years or more facilitating teams and 7 years+ in IT solutions provider environment • Experience with globally distributed and large cross-functional teams, with a track record of having developed professional documentation (business process flows, user stories) and managing delivery • Thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle and agile practices. Experience in one or more software development roles such as architecture, design, development, test, configuration management or quality assurance. • Competent in enterprise and agile project management tools. • Broad technical knowledge spanning applications, infrastructure, methodologies, and tools • Experience with SAFe, DFSS and Scrum • Experience with Extreme Programming (XP), and other Agile engineering practices is a plus • Experience developing training materials Preferred Qualifications: • Systematic problem-solving approach • Sense of ownership and drive for result and solutions • Exceptional listening skill • Must be able to thrive in a fast-paced environment and be willing to embrace change • Good interpersonal skills • Effective Communication and Presentation skills in both English and Chinese, especially on business problems, alternatives and project strategy to a project team and customer groups
  • 15k-30k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    科技金融,IT技术服务|咨询 / 未融资 / 150-500人
    57Blocks is redefining how products are built, applying a combination of technology and process improvements to deliver a new kind of distributed development experience. You will be joining a distributed team that serves clients in North America. We are looking for a technical product manager to lead end-to-end product development for US-based clients. Projects may include B2B SaaS and FinTech. Our ideal candidate will have 4+ years of product management experience and is eager to become knowledge experts in multiple industries and build products in disparate verticals. Responsibilities: 1. Define what success looks like for the team, prioritize features and solutions based on impact, and using data to validate success 2. Identify and collaboratively solve end-user pain-points 3. Help determine technical feasibility of product solutions and identify appropriate buy vs build solutions 4. Partner with UX design & engineering team in Chengdu to execute a prioritized product plan 5. Communicate with customers and partners in English 6.Work with global sales team to increase platform revenue Requirements: 1. 4+ years of experience delivering highly successful products which are AI powered 2. Ability to lead & influence cross-functional groups to deliver projects on-time in a fast paced environment 3. Excels at understanding complex problems and designing simple solutions for them 4. Deep understanding of ML tech stacks and data science concepts 5. Comfortable presenting to clients in English 6. Outcome oriented - not reactionary; they articulate the desired outcome and work collaboratively to create a path to achieve it 7. Self-motivated and quick learner 8. Creative problem solver who is able to quickly identify key problems and reasonable solutions
  • 金融,软件开发 / B轮 / 50-150人
    Job Purpose The candidate is responsible for managing the Bank’s deposits and payment products and the development and launch of new products / initiatives. The candidate will be responsible for ongoing bank enhancements and defect management, and will play a significant role in supporting the expansion and growth of the Bank. Job Responsibilities 1. Formulate and implement business strategies to drive customer acquisition, deposit growth and profitability 2. Promote marketing campaigns and business plans to achieve business targets and conduct data analysis to monitor business performance. 3. Manage and develop deposit\ payment products to grow business and maintain competitiveness via bank’s digital channels and collaboration with partners. 4. Support Bank’s growth initiatives including, product development, cross border solution, strategic partnership for expanding customers base. 5. Liaise with various external and internal parties to prioritize the delivery of new products / projects. Job Requirements 1. Bachelor degree holder or higher in Computer Science, Engineering or Finance related disciplines. 2. At least 5 years of relevant experience in Digital Banking / Global Payment Industry with good understanding in product knowledges. 3. In-depth understanding of Digital Banking products and solid experience in product development. 4. Conversant with PC skills, in particular MS Office. 5. Proficient Cantonese, English and Putonghua in both speaking and writing. 6. Able to work with other internal and external teams, handle multiple projects, attention to details with tight deadlines under pressure. 7. Good interpersonal communication and presentation skills.
  • 15k-25k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    电商 / C轮 / 150-500人
    If you are a data-driven and analytical problem solver, we encourage you to apply for this exciting Product Analyst role. You are passionate about providing the best answer to a problem and use data and insights to get to it. As a Product Analyst, you will be responsible for implementing A/B testing and analyzing results to determine the impact of product changes on user behavior and business metrics. You will work closely with the product management and engineering teams to design and execute A/B testing plans, and use data analysis to provide insights and recommendations on how to improve the user experience and drive business growth. Conduct market research and analysis to identify customer needs and trends Monitor competitive landscape and provide insights on industry trends and best practices Work with product managers to define, develop, and prioritize product features and improvements Conduct data analysis to measure product performance and identify areas for improvement Develop and maintain product metrics dashboards and reports to track key performance indicators Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including engineering, design, and marketing to ensure successful product development and launch Work closely with the business intelligence team to give recommendations on product feature iterations Develop and execute user testing plans to gather feedback and insights on product features and design Implement A/B testing and analyze results to determine the impact of product changes on user behavior and business metrics Provide recommendations and insights to improve user experience and product performance Skills and experience: Bachelor's or Master's degree in a related field such as Computer Science, Business, Statistics or similar field Minimum of 2 years of experience in product analytics, data analysis, or a related field Strong analytical skills and experience using data analysis tools such as SQL, Excel, or similar tools Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams Experience in the real estate or rental industry is a plus Familiarity with agile development methodologies is preferred Experience with A/B testing and user research methods is highly desired Excellent organisational and planning skills balancing multiple demands Ability to identify key priorities and re-prioritize based on demand Self-motivated and ability to work autonomously Proactive with a positive and energetic attitude Excellent team player who contributes ideas for the success of the team within a remote role Accurate, strong analytical skills and an eye for detail Quick to learn and apply knowledge Self-motivated, results oriented with track record of delivering to targets Knowledge of Salesforce desired but not essential Enthusiastic about providing best possible customer service for clients