• 8k-15k·13薪 经验3-5年 / 本科
    IT技术服务|咨询 / 上市公司 / 500-2000人
    Duties/Responsibilities: • Understand users’ requirements and function specification • Prepare detail technical specification • Develop Angular cross platform mobile application • Prepare test case, conduct the unit test and system test. • Communicate with IT PM and user about solution and development progress Qualifications: • 2-8 yrs proven industrial cross platform (H5) application development experience is required • Experienced at Angular is a must (Angular 2 and above version) • Experienced cross platform framework: Angular 2, and vue/react experience will be a very big plus • Experienced at hybrid mobile is very big plus • Bachelor or above in Computer Science or Software Engineering. • Good English in reading/writing/speaking will be a big plus • Experienced at MVC and popular J2EE framework and Application Server, such as Websphere or JBoss is preferred • Experienced at popular database software, such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase or MySQL is preferred • Familiar with insurance domain knowledge is very big plus
  • 15k-25k·13薪 经验3-5年 / 本科
    移动互联网,金融 / 未融资 / 500-2000人
    Responsibility: -Thorough understanding of React.js / Angular 2.0 + framework and its core principles. -Significant experience with HTML5, CSS3/SCSS/LESS, ES2015 and ES6 or Typescript. -Knowledge about application state management patterns such as Redux/Flux. -了解React.js及其核心原则,或熟悉AngularJS 2.0+版本或Javascript生态系统中的其他库。 -具备HTML5,CSS3 / SCSS / LESS,ES2015和ES6的丰富经验。 -了解应用程序状态管理模式,如Redux / Flux。 Benefits: 1.可全国远程,居家办公; 2.不定时居家办公现金补贴福利; 3.提供英语培训,各类技术培训,线上线下和技术大咖分享心得; 4.入职即有15天带薪年假,每月一天的病假; 5.每年额外3到4天公司福利假; 6.企业年金,补充商务医疗保险;
  • 25k-40k·13薪 经验10年以上 / 本科
    企业服务 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    The Technical Lead Role is an essential leadership role within our scrum teams. Technical Leads act as an extension of our leadership teams (including management and architecture), offering guidance, and instruction to developers, technical requirements gathering, development and offering professional advice to scrum masters, product owners and business team members. Tech Leads typically should be multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary individuals, who enjoy an array of responsibilities within sprint teams. This position is primarily focused on modern Application Development, developing reactive and responsive web user interfaces to extend the capabilities of our analytical and data focused solutions. Tech Lead’s responsibilities include: • Translating requirements from BSA’s (Business Systems Analysts), PO’s (Product Owners) and SM (Scrum Master) into technical and functional requirements for the sprint board. • Guiding the team and taking a hands-on role in designing, building, and maintaining, efficient, reusable, and reliable code. • Ensuring that applications are as performant as possible within acceptable timelines, while ensuring the code is reliable, responsive, and fit for purpose. • Maintain the teams coding standards and code quality. • Ensure documentation for solutions is created and maintained. • Lead the team in ensuring adequate code test coverage. • Assist in the coordination of technical task estimations and assignment during sprint planning. • Understand long term requirements of solutions and minimize technical debt. Extended primary responsibilities: • Ensure the timely delivery of solution objectives. • Work closely with Architecture team to ensure architectural alignment of solutions. • Participate in DRC (Design Review Committees) to ensure technical alignment and be aware of other solutions being developed. • Coordinate, plan and maintain the technical tasks within the team’s backlog. • Ensure that risks and concerns are identified and highlighted to the business. • Mentor and train other team members in specialist areas. • Communicate requirements and concerns to wider team and department. General Responsibilities. • Know and understand the business needs. • Know and understand the IT strategy and objectives. • Openly consult and inform colleagues, including fellow Technical Leads and the Architects when designing solutions, of proposed solutions. • Learn, teach, and share new technologies openly with colleagues. • Ensure that security, performance, and redundancy of systems meets requirements, and ensure these evolve as business and IT requirements evolve. • Proactively research new technologies, bringing suitable technologies to the table for assessment and adoption. • Be prepared to present solutions outside of pier groups to wider audiences. • Actively engage in knowledge sharing within and out-with the core teams assigned to. • Dedicate time to self-improvement, education, and technology adoption. • Mentor and openly share with team members, actively assisting in the elevation of overall skill levels across the organization. Communications. • Present solutions to users, business members, colleagues and executives as required. • Publish or guide the publication of documentation and solution details. • Engage openly and without bias with vendors and third parties as required. • Ask questions, play devils advocate, encourage input from others and actively collaborate. • When issues occur, identify, and explain the root causes clearly and without bias or blame. Skills. • Advanced HTML/CSS. • Angular/SPA. • SCSS/SASS. • JavaScript/TypeScript. • RxJS. • RESTful Services and APIs. • Responsive UI and Mobile UI development. • Cross Browser Development and Support. • Git Version Control. • Power BI (preferred but not required). • TSQL/Database Integration or Development. • Azure App Services. • Azure Cognitive Ser
  • 15k-25k·13薪 经验3-5年 / 不限
    移动互联网,金融 / 未融资 / 500-2000人
    1.可全国远程,居家办公; 2.不定时居家办公现金补贴福利; 3.提供英语培训,各类技术培训,线上线下和技术大咖分享心得; 4.入职即有15天带薪年假,每月一天的病假; 5.每年额外3到4天公司福利假; 6.企业年金,补充商务医疗保险; Job Responsibilities: 1. Builds software applications by following coding standards, builds appropriate unit tests, integration tests and deployment scripts 2. Translates designs and style guides provided by the UI/UX team into functional user interfaces, ensuring cross browser compatibility and performance 3. Participate in software development solutions within a team environment 4. Ability to work in a fast-paced and agile development environment. 5. Self-Motivated and ability to work independently. Job Requirements: 1. Above 1 year experience on web development, BS Computer Science degree or equivalent experience 2. Expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and the latest front-end technologies 3. Expert knowledge of responsive design, media queries and mobile CSS frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap 4. Familiarity with Angular or and other libraries in the JavaScript ecosystem 5. HTML/CSS mastery with an attention for detail, perfect layout, and interaction best-practices
  • 13k-22k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    金融,数据服务 / 未融资 / 150-500人
    岗位要求: 1、精通HTML5、CSS3 了解浏览器渲染原理以及在不同浏览器上的兼容和适配 2、具备扎实的web前端基础,精通HTML5、CSS3、JavaScript,ES6+ 等规范或技术工具,且具有自己的理解,以及良好的编码风格 3、熟练Vue技术栈vuex、vue-router、element-UI、antdesign UI等技术,能独立搭建开发框架,具有独到的理解和认识,除vue外能使用其他框架进行项目开发者优先 4、具备良好的沟通交流、业务理解能力,有中大型项目实际开发经验优先 Vue react的项目组都有在招
  • 汽车丨出行 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    The Role As an experienced Software Engineer, you'll take part in the design, development, testing and support for the current and next generation of Tesla's systems. In this role, you’ll be developing highly complex applications, streamline business operations and improve overall user experience. The ideal candidate is a self-starter with a strong desire to increase efficiencies and make an impact while contributing to a cross-functional team. Your ability to creatively collaborate and execute team goals will affect scalability and directly contribute to the company's mission of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy. Responsibilities • Work closely with a wide variety of stakeholders to analyze and break down large requirements into small, simple, workable deliverables. • Work across multiple projects simultaneously. • Design, implement, test, and deliver to production complete end-to-end fully functional solutions. • Contribute to software architecture design, and drive the application improvement. • Ensure highest technical quality of your deliverables and they are cost-effective to maintain by automation product testing from performance, feature, and security perspective. • Face end users for daily operation to continuously improve the user experience . • As a full stack developer, you are expected to work across all the tiers of our web applications. • Contribute relevant, clean, concise and quality documentation to Tesla's knowledgebase to support/increase information sharing within the organization. • Automate any repetitive development tasks and bring efficiency to the team. • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple assignments in a fast-paced environment.  • Agile/SCRUM Software Development Process experience is a plus. Requirements Must Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree or higher in CS, CE, EE or the equivalent in experience and evidence of exceptional ability. • Proficient in C#, .Net Core 2.2 or above and TypeScript, (Java, C++, C# or Python are also acceptable). • Proficient in SQL Server or MySQL, experience with Entity Framework Core is a plus. • Proficient in at least one SPA framework Angular 6, Vue 3 or React. • Proficient in using Git, solving merge conflicts, rebasing, branching, git blame. • Prior experience building micro-service oriented solutions and single page front-end applications at scale. • Knowledge and expertise of distributed systems design and orchestrated decentralized architecture with clear APIs. • Knowledge and expertise of automation testing framework/tool not limited to Jmeter, selenium and BDD testing approach. • Provide utmost importance to the performance, scalability and reliability of your code. • Innovation mindset with emerging technologies implement to solve business problems. • Excellent interpersonal communication skill and customer focus. • Fluent in English. Preferred Qualifications • Hands on experience with distributed systems infrastructure, Kafka, Redis, Kubernetes, Docker, Splunk, Jenkins etc. • Being familiar with Linux/Unix Terminal is a big plus.
  • 15k-30k·14薪 经验5-10年 / 本科
    科技金融,IT技术服务|咨询 / 未融资 / 50-150人
    职责: 1、负责参与前端基础技术框架与组件的设计、研发及维护; 2、负责Web前端系统和功能的开发、调试和维护; 3、负责 Google Map 相关功能的集成; 4、负责界面构建、兼容、优化,与设计人员和开发人员的协同配合; 5、负责维护和改进前端技术平台,维护前端工具链、前端技术组件; 6、接受公司的其他开发、调研任务安排; 要求: 1、熟悉 Angular 框架体系,在 Angular 框架下有很好的项目经验积累;了解 Vue/React 者会优先考虑; 2、能熟练使用 RxJS 构建异步数据流者优先考虑; 3、有良好的面向组件编程经验; 4、理解JS执行机制及其面向对象机制;熟悉 CSS 以及 HTML; 5、理解网络通讯机制,跨域机制; 6、有较强的逻辑思维能力,具备良好的解决问题能力,有责任心,乐于专研技术,探索技术原理; 7、熟练使用 Git 版本控制工具,了解其版本控制的基本思路; 8、有良好的沟通和表达能力; 9、有 Google Map JS SDK 深度使用经验者优先考虑; 10、熟练的英语听说读写,口语能够流利沟通;
  • 13k-20k·14薪 经验3-5年 / 本科
    科技金融,IT技术服务|咨询 / 未融资 / 50-150人
    职位描述: 1. 负责前端开发及设计工作,承担重点技术攻坚; 2. 负责核心或者重要项目的前端开发, 保证项目程序的质量和进度; 3. 参与项目的技术和需求的讨论; 4. 关注技术动向,研究新技术并攻关技术难题; 职位要求: 1. 5年以上前端开发工作经验; 2. 学习能力强,有代码洁癖,充满好奇心,享受coding; 3. 熟悉 Angular 框架体系,在 Angular 框架下有很好的项目经验积累;熟悉 ES6、ES7 语法,熟练掌握 React 或 Vue 等相关技术; 4. 熟悉浏览器特性,熟悉模块化、组件化、前端工程化等,熟悉webpack等前端构建工具; 5. 有研究精神,良好的分析和解决问题的能力,良好的归纳总结能力; 6. 具备优秀的团队沟通与协作能力,有团队精神,能够积极主动推动团队更好的发展,乐于分享,勇于创新; 7. 具备英文读写能力,具备一定的英文听说能力; 加分项: a. 有较好的开源作品或博客文章 b. 有GraphQL开发经验 c. 有typescript开发经验
  • 金融 / 不需要融资 / 500-2000人
    1. 根据产品设计,负责APP端页面开发(Angular);  2. 进行代码开发,配合测试,高质量完成项目;  3. 根据产品需求完成模块设计、编码工作、文档编写; 4. 对产品进行维护、完善和持续优化,建设前端基础设施。 1. 两年以上前端开发经验,有mobile/iPad适配经验,基础扎实;  2. 熟练使用html5,CSS3,JavaScript,熟悉Less或Sass动态样式预处理技术;  3. 熟练掌握主流MVVM框架, 如angular2/4、vue2+、react-native等,熟练使用Angular2/4+优先;  4. 熟悉Cordova,ionic框架者优先;  5. 负责公司业务模块开发;  6. 熟练掌握面向对象及其他设计模式,熟练掌握ES5/6、熟悉typescript;  7. 熟悉npm包管理工具;  8. 熟悉常用前端编译构建工具,如webpack等;  9. 熟练使用git;  10. 能够合理组织代码,保证代码高可用和易维护性,对前端代码优化及规范有一定的经验更佳;   11. 良好的英语读写能力,英语听说良好者优先。
  • 15k-28k 经验3-5年 / 大专
    企业服务 / 不需要融资 / 500-2000人
    任职要求: 1、有2年以上react/VUE/angular前端开发的工作经验; 熟练掌握ReactVUE/angular,了解js, native,jquery等框架 2、熟悉html,css,bootstrap,javaScript,以及h5; 3、熟练应用原生js(静态交互和数据交互),会ajax异步网络请求; 4、了解至少一种后台语言的开发机制(如php,java等),能配合后端开发进行页面、接口联调整合 6. 沟通良好,有优秀的学习能力 7.英语读写,可开口沟通的优先 工作职责: 1、负责前端界面开发,实现网站用户交互效果; 2、了解不同浏览器之间的差异,确保制作页面具有良好的兼容性; 3、有良好的编程习惯,对待代码的态度严谨; 4、具有良好的沟通能力,理解力强,有团队合作意识,具有敬业负责的精神。
  • 8k-10k 经验3-5年 / 不限
    人工智能,工具 / 未融资 / 150-500人
    前端: 1、计算机相关专业专科及以上,3年以上开发经验; 2、需要对angular有一定了解,熟练掌握JavaScript、HTML5、CSS3等核心技术,包括但不限于DOM/BOM/AJAX/Canvas/CSS动画等,熟悉主流移动浏览器的技术特点,熟练使用jQuery/Zepto等主流工具库; 3、熟悉各类应用方向,如:数据展示,富客户端、Hybrid开发,动画交互等,有WebApp和HybridApp(JS)开发经验者优先; 4、熟悉angular、Cordova框架,懂NuxtJs或react加分; 5、熟悉现代化前段工程的构建发布流程,熟悉常见的构建工具,如webpack等,具有前端模块化,组件化设计能力; 6、熟悉HTTP网络协议,缓存性能优化,熟悉至少一种后台开发语言;
  • 15k-25k·13薪 经验5-10年 / 本科
    IT技术服务|咨询,数据服务|咨询 / 不需要融资 / 500-2000人
    岗位职责: 1.参与产品需求分析、业务讨论、设计工作,评估需求的技术可行性和技术难点; 2.负责产品的前端技术框架选型,参与编写接口规范、编码规范等文档; 3.协助完成前端架构设计、搭建、核心功能代码的编写; 4. 为团队引入创新的技术、创新的解决方案,用创新的思路解决问题,善于突破边界; 5.为前端开发人员提供快速有效的开发框架、服务、公用组件; 6.参与项目开发过程中的技术攻关,和运行中出现的技术问题; 7.负责对前端架构进行优化,持续改进性能、可扩展性、稳定性、安全性; 8. 负责对新员工的培养工作。 任职资格: 技能要求: 1. 计算机或相关专业,本科以上学历,工作细致、善于思考, 5年以上相关工作经验; 2. 熟悉html5规范和css3特性; 3. 熟悉es5/es6/typescript等前端常用语言标准,并深入理解语言核心概念; 4. 熟悉前端模块规范; 5. 熟悉前端打包工具(Webpack, Gulp, Grunt)的使用以及常用设置; 6. 熟悉1到2种前端框架以及全家桶(React,React-native,Angular等)并理解其原理; 7. 对设计模式,代码规范,性能调优等有深入的理解; 8. 有强烈的责任心、善于沟通、具有团队合作精神,善于编写技术文档。 非技能要求: 1. 态度端正,正常考勤; 2. 拥有带团队的经验,擅长沟通; 3. 团队协助能力强; 4. 有研究精神,热爱前端开发,乐于分享经验。
  • 16k-20k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    移动互联网 / 上市公司 / 500-2000人
    -3+ years’ experience in web development, familiar with modern web tech and standards.-Experience on one of the backend program languages such as PHP/Java/Nodejs/.NET/Ruby-Familiar with Database (MySQL), SQL, Redis.-Familiar with Linux system, basic command, and Shell. -Know common JS programming paradigm.-Understand basic programming principles and patterns.-Care about coding craftmanship.-Passion to grow and advance self-driven personality.-Unit test is the part of your code work-Strong communication ability with stakeholders- Nice to have understanding of JavaScript and the underneath mechanisms- Nice to have the experience of framework, such as angular, React Native, React, etc.- Nice to have the experience of AWS platform- Nice to have NodeJS Server-Side Development or cloud serverless development.
  • 8k-10k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    通讯电子,软件开发 / 不需要融资 / 150-500人
    任职要求: 年龄:22-35周岁 学历:大专及以上 经验:3年以上 技能:Java基础扎实;掌握Android四大基本组件的使用及其原理,Android生命周期;掌握网络(TCP/IP,HTTP)、多线程编程;熟悉Fragment, View, Layout, Animation, Transition等UI组件的使用及自定义; 能力:熟悉SharedPreference,数据库访问,了解Android数据存储与文件结构;熟练使用Adb / Gradle,了解Android apk打包、混淆、签名等过程及其原理 熟练使用主流前端组件和框架,React,Angular,Vue、uni-app 熟练掌握小程序开发,测试,和发布,能独立开发微信小程序 岗位职责: 负责Android手机App研发工作 维护和升级现有产品,快速定位并修复软件缺陷 参与产品业务需求讨论、评审 独立完成应用模块的代码设计与实现及单元测试 配合测试对App反馈的bug进行修改;
  • 8k-10k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    通讯电子,软件开发 / 不需要融资 / 150-500人
    任职要求: 1.学历:***大专及以上学历,计算机相关专业 2.知识要求: 熟练掌握数据结构、算法等基础知识,有良好的架构设计能力; 熟练掌握IOS开发技术及语言; 熟练使用相关开发、调试工具; 熟悉swift; 熟悉AppStore及上架流程,且至少有一款上架产品; 熟悉Git,理解分支及合并,熟练解决冲突,重视协同开发; 熟练使用主流前端组件和框架,React,Angular,Vue、uni-app; 熟练掌握小程序开发,测试,和发布,能独立开发微信小程序 3.经验要求:2年以上ios开发经验,具有独立完成项目的开发经验,有大型互联网项目开发经验优先; 4.能力要求:有较强的逻辑思维能力; 5.其它要求:工作细致、严谨。 岗位职责: 1.负责根据需求,与产品经理持续沟通,独立完成IOS移动端APP的设计与开发,按期交进行产品交付; 2.负责完成成功能模块的功能设计、功能实现和单元测试,并提交功能测试报告。 负责完成相关模块bug修复及改善,产品迭代与更新,以提高产品质量和性能; 3.负责app产品的系统稳定与运行安全,根据用户需求和用户体验定期提交ios系统技术改进方案; 4. 负责产品在ios平台上的发布及更新,根据研发规范和项目流程编写相关的技术文档,撰写开发文档和使用文档,协助研发相关知识产权的申请和项目申报; 5.负责IOS平台应用程序的设计与开发 根据产品及项目,参与需求分析和交互设计 ; 6.负责概要设计、详细设计等文档编写; 7.负责模块设计、开发及持续升级维护等。