• 10k-20k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    企业服务,医疗丨健康 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    We are currently seeking a talented Product Support Engineer in Dalian, China, to join our busy Product Support Team. You will be part of a young and exciting company that is recognized as a market leader in the SaaS space with our Industry Cloud for Life Sciences. As a member of the Product Support team you will be charged with supporting our customers, as well as internal stakeholders, such as our Consulting and Sales Engineering teams. You will work closely with Development and QA teams to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve complex issues. The successful candidate will need to learn and adapt quickly, be persistent and demonstrate “out of the box” thinking. Responsibility ·Provide global support covering all issues related to Veeva Vault ·Learn everything about our software and use that knowledge to ensure client success ·Support the client administrators across multiple organizations ·Troubleshoot critical production issues affecting end-users, including system unavailability and data integrity issues ·Create and maintain knowledge articles in our customer support portal. ·Handle inquiries regarding all technical issues, information requests on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration ·Provide coordinated support for getting new releases and configuration changes into production ·Gather information for analysis, carry out the necessary research, setup test environments, replicate issues *****ly and propose resolutions or workarounds ·Be a client facing representative of the Development and Product teams ·Document new processes and keep existing documentation and tools up to date as the environment changes ·Interface with engineering, product management and professional services when necessary ·Availability to work a rotating weekend on call schedule Requirements ·Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Japanese ·Previous technology / admin / software / level 2 support related work experience ·Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experiences ·Proven ability to collaborate and build strong relationships with customers ·Experience working successfully in a rapidly changing environment ·Professional approach, exceptional customer service is essential ·Knowledge document management systems ·Detail oriented, able to manage multiple tasks and priorities
  • 20k-30k 经验5-10年 / 本科
    企业服务,医疗丨健康 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    Veeva is currently seeking talented Software Engineers to join our Customer Centric Engineering teams based in Dalian, China. These teams are a critical aspect for our CRM Development group. We have multiple openings, focused on different product suites in CRM. As a Customer Centric Engineer, you will be charged with sustaining our existing products by troubleshooting and fixing critical issues. You will also help build tools for supporting and monitoring our CRM products.  5+ years’ experience in software support or sustaining role for Enterprise products  A self-motivated software engineer, eager to learn new software who thrives on finding issues in existing products  Experience with troubleshooting web and mobile apps built with Java, HTML/CSS, Spring Boot, Spring MVC  Nice to have experience with Objective-C application development  Hands on experience with SQL querying and working with business critical data  Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills  Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in an environment with high visibility and high expectations  Troubleshoot critical customer reported issues in the Veeva CRM product suites  Learn everything about the Veeva CRM suites/modules and use that knowledge to ensure our customers are successful  Build tools to help with detecting, fixing, and troubleshooting product issues   Collaborate with the Development, Support, Product, and QA teams to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve complex Customer issues  Identify and resolve problems that may impact multiple customers
  • 15k-20k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    IT技术服务|咨询 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    We are looking for experienced design engineer to join our engineering team contributing to new cutting-edge products. To be successful in this position, you should have hands on experience on below technologies & strong project management skills. Knowledge and application of Mechatronics, Robotics, IIOT, Augmented Reality Supervision, Cyber Security & I4.0 related technologies. Mandatory Skills: • Industry 4.0, Robotics and Mechatronics solution design and delivery. • SCADA, ERP, API, IOT Frameworks & Cyber Security. • Experience in driving Industry 4.0 solution application design and delivery. • Experience in Industry Solution that is centered around Connected Products. • Experience in MES, SCADA, ERP APIs • Experience in Connectivity integration: CANOpen, Modbus, TCPIP (IEC 61850 and IEC 61499), Zigbee, RFID configuration, OPC-UA. • Experience in Cloud & IOT frameworks AZURE, Google, AWS • Preferrable working with Schneider Electric automation products. • Knowledge to pneumatic products for complete integration to design the IOT stations. Areas of Responsibility: • Design new engineering products & process • Create design files • Create models using CAD • Create & validate prototypes • Research new products, ideas & improve existing products & process. • Ensure compliance with industry safety standards. Experience: Electrical & Electronics or Mechatronics & Robotics engineer with overall 3 -5 years of experience is required and 2 - 4 years relevant experience.
  • 内容资讯,短视频 / D轮及以上 / 2000人以上
    职位职责: 1、负责公司设备、推送、分享、红包、账号、IM、地理位置等客户端技术中台的建设和优化,完成高质量编码和测试工作; 2、负责公司核心产品(今日头条/西瓜/小说等)的技术中台模块功能研发和优化,深入参与产品需求讨论,功能定义等; 3、设计良好的代码结构,不断迭代重构; 4、用户增长、用户体系、垂直业务中台等技术研究,承担重点、难点的技术攻坚。 职位要求: 1、本科及以上学历,计算机、通信等相关专业; 2、熟练掌握Objective-C,深入理解语言特性,熟练掌握Xcode开发环境; 3、熟悉iOS系统API、Runtime机制、基础组件,对重要系统特性和原理有一定的理解; 4、一年以上iOS开发经验,能独立开发iOS App; 5、具有扎实的编程功底,良好的设计能力和编程习惯; 6、优秀的沟通及表达能力,有一定的产品和业务sense; 7、能够快速的学习新的知识并应用到产品者优先,有良好的抗压能力。
  • 30k-40k·14薪 经验3-5年 / 本科
    营销服务|咨询,数据服务|咨询 / 上市公司 / 500-2000人
    职位描述 • 为公司核心业务系统提供可复用的基础服务和解决方案,包括异构多数据源(SQL,NoSQL,云原生数据库等)上的中间件研发以为应用提供数据访问的控制与优化。为广告投放,搜索引擎等提供实时数据流Streaming。基于Analysis数据分析优化核心数据库的数据模型。 • 持续优化、重构现有系统,支撑业务的快速发展; • 负责端到端的软件开发工作,包括需求分析、设计编码、测试运维、文档撰写、技术支持等。 任职条件 • 3年以上开发经验;熟练使用一种或多种通用编程语言,包括但不限于:Java、C/C++、Python 或 Go。 • 熟悉Linux/Unix,具有良好的数据结构和算法基础; • 熟悉分布式架构,缓存、消息队列等常用中间件,有大规模在线服务设计和开发经验优先; • 熟悉关系型数据库或NoSQL; • 具备良好的团队协作意识,自我驱动,热爱学习,能够在压力下高效工作; • 具有优秀的英文读写能力和基本的英文沟通能力,能应对英文工作环境。
  • 15k-30k 经验5-10年 / 硕士
    企业服务 / 上市公司 / 500-2000人
    岗位职责: 1.根据公司发展战略和产品部门规划,负责公司B/S架构的教育产品研发。 2.负责产品技术发展方向的把控,教育应用研发部门的管理、产品技术的改进及创新产品的开发,确保产品开发节奏及具体需求符合目标要求; 3.带领教育应用研发团队完善产品,优化系统及技术平台,指导关键技术模块的设计,并对系统性能,稳定性负责,确保产品及系统的研发进度及交付质量。 4.熟悉教育行业,能够正确把握行业发展趋势,产品趋势,正确把控教育产品布局及发展策略。 任职资格: 1.5年及以上普教、职教、高教等教育行业软件产品或在线平台的研发经验,有不少于20人研发团队管理经验; 2.有5个以上教育产品或云平台从零开始规划、设计、研发、上市销售、维护迭代的经验; 3.精通至少一门后端语言,熟悉JAVA或者PHP主流技术,熟悉Struts、Spring、Hibernate等开源框架,熟悉阿里云相关技术应用;具备前瞻的系统构架设计能力; 4.硕士学历以上,计算机相关专业优先
  • 30k-45k·15薪 经验3-5年 / 本科
    消费生活 / D轮及以上 / 500-2000人
    工作职责: ●负责新业务产品的前端服务; ●对产品负责,以技术的视角思考产品价值,透过技术打磨出更好的产品; ●与前端团队一起参与技术沉淀,服务于更多业务场景,和团队共同成长。 任职资格: ●本科以上学历,三年以上前端开发经验,有移动端和跨平台应用开发经验; ●熟练掌握 JavaScript/TypeScript,CSS 等前端领域相关技术; ●熟练掌握 Vue/React/React Native 等 UI 框架,对其原理有一定掌握; ●有性能优化实践经验,能够使用性能调试工具快速发现并解决性能问题; ●强烈的责任心和 ownership 意识,具备积极主动和良好的沟通表达能力。
  • 15k-25k·14薪 经验3-5年 / 本科
    IT技术服务|咨询 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    JOB RESPONSIBILITIES The main missions & responsibilities for the position are the following: Executes tests based on formal Test Procedures. Possesses advanced knowledge in the key principles and practices of Penetration Testing and Procedures. Like fuzz test, stress test, password cracking etc. Strategizes Test Scenarios and Execution of Penetration Tests. Works with project teams to explain the vulnerabilities. Creates and enhances Test Procedures and Methods. Bring security support to Business Unit projects on offer development through high level consultation post the test. Work closely with other Pen testers, project teams and SDL process teams to work on research, investigations, definition of SoP(standard operating Procedures), deployments, training, creating assets for efficiency in the cyber-security practices. Investigate potential 3rd party cyber security offer\tools (startup, etc.) to improve the global security level of our offers. Understand impact of various standards like IEC 62443 \ Data Privacy (US, GDPR…), IoT/Edge/cloud standard and regulation and make proposals for the improvement in our testing practices. Work with cyber security stakeholders (Schneider IT security team, BU teams, lawyer) on all the different aspect of IoT & Cloud security (network, server, secure application development, security operation …). Qualifications PREFERRED ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Technology or equivalent work experience Certifications like OSCP, SANS GPEN, SANSGWAPT or any other industry accredited security certifications would be preferred · Understanding of at least three of the following: cryptography, fuzzing, hardware security, kernel hacking, and reverse engineering · Developing, extending, or modifying exploits, shellcode or exploit tools OT/IoT security assessments · Experience in reverse engineering
  • 20k-35k 经验5-10年 / 本科
    企业服务,工具 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    Summary NCCT는 Naver Cloud 법인과 발맞추어 Cloud 서비스에 필요한 다양한 상품과 운영도구들을 중국에서 개발하고 유지보수 하는 조직입니다. NCCT 법인 내 NCP Development 부서의 한국 향 개발 관리 업무의 수요에 의한 충원의 건입니다. Position Information: Naver Cloud Platform 서비스 개발 - IaaS, PaaS, SaaS 서비스 개발 및 유지보수 Cloud 운영을 위한 관리도구 개발 및 유지보수 Desired Skills, Experience: - 유관업무 경력 3년 이상 - Computer Science 또는 Software Engineering에 대한 이해가 있으신 분 - Java 기반의 개발 경험이 있으며 Spring Framework에 대한 이해와 경험이 있으신 분 - MySQL, Oracle 등의 RDB 와 MongoDB, Redis, HBase 등의 NoSQL에 대한 이해와 경험이 있으신 분 - Elasticsearch, Kafka 등의 기본적인 오픈소스 플랫폼에 대한 이해와 경험이 있으신 분 - 문제 해결 능력과 커뮤니케이션이 원활하신 분 - 긍정적인 마인드를 가지신 분 - 중국어에 대한 기초가 있으신 분 보유하고 있다면 우대사항이 될 만한 스킬 셋이나 경험을 작성 해 주세요. - 한국 국적 - 중국어 커뮤니케이션 가능하신 분 - 영어로 커뮤니케이션 가능하신 분 - Excel 업로드/다운로드 개발 경험이 있으신 분 - Docker & Kubernetes 서비스 개발 및 운영 경험이 있으신 분 - Vue, React 등을 이용한 Frontend 개발에 대한 이해가 있으신 분
  • 35k-40k 经验5-10年 / 本科
    移动互联网 / 上市公司 / 500-2000人
    Responsibility: • Operates company's internal data communications systems. Plans, designs and implements ***** and wide-area network solutions between multiple platforms and protocols; • Ensure that systems in area of responsibility perform to that of the established SLA's; • Engineer and support GCP cloud networks • Supports/troubleshoots network issues and coordinates with vendors for installation of such items as routers and switches; • Works on project implementation, ensure that the project request & management life cycle meets the expectations of customers of assigned area, plans, designs and implements key company LAN/WAN systems; • Ensures systems are properly documented, controlled for change and monitored for uptime and performance; • Identify, develop, implement and maintain high level industry standard security practices; • Collaborate with other team members on technologies, concepts and standards; • Provide recommendations on proper tools and environment selection that ensure scalability; • Identify, interact and provide high level of service with internal and external customer ensuring needs are being met; • Understand and plan for evolutionary paths, plan for new technology insertion; • Develop, enforce, and documentation of policies, procedures, standards and guidelines Leadership; • Ensures that assigned team is performing and delivering as effectively as possible; • Not limited to the roles/responsibilities listed above. Qualifications: • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in related field and five years’ experience in related field; CCNP minimum; • Five years of experience working on a global network systems, primarily Cisco based; • Experience with Cloud network, preferential on GCP or AWS. • Experience with virtual networks. • Four years’ experience Windows/Unix server management DHCP, DNS experience preferred; • Four years’ experience supporting routers, firewalls, layer 2 and layer 3 switches; • Four years’ experience with DNS, DHCP, domains and various IP based applications; • Four years’ experience with network, systems management monitoring tools; • Three years’ experience with global network design and management; • Experience with LAN and WAN QOS design and configurations; • Experience with troubleshooting, trend analysis, and voice QOS tools; • Experience with upgrading the various Cisco components; • Proficient Cisco networking Concepts; Qualities Desired: • Ability to respond to and understand client's business requirements and deliver cost-effective technology solutions to meet them; • Ability to identify problems through problem management, collect data, manage by fact, draw valid conclusions, and create solutions to complex IT related problems; • Innovative, actively looking for solutions to problems, a catalyst and/or advocate for positive change; • Problem analysis and resolution at both a strategic and functional level; • Ability to manage business relationships and competing business pressures effectively; • Demonstrated ability to deliver results with large-scale, cross-functional teams; • Exceptional project management skills; • Professional verbal and written communication skills with the ability to interact and communicate effectively with all levels of staff; • Solid consultative, client relationship building and business acumen skills;
  • 15k-30k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    科技金融,IT技术服务|咨询 / 未融资 / 150-500人
    Sr. Blockchain Security Engineer - Solidity / Rust / Golang 1. About the Role 1.1 The primary responsibility of this role is for transaction security-related services. Intersecting cybersecurity and blockchain, security offerings include security consulting, security reviews, security auditing of smart contracts and blockchains, verification of smart contracts, penetration testing, and more. We are looking to hire someone with a passion for Solidity, a deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), distributed computing, and security. 1.2 You should have an eye for details and have a passion for combining their skills with a flair for creativity and insight to hack smart contracts. This is a fun and challenging full-time position. You need to be able to put yourself in the mind’s eye of a project’s creator, and capable of putting yourself in the minds of various adversarial or free-riding actors. 1.3 If you are excited about hacking, threat modeling, scanning, auditing, designing, and enhancing the security of smart contracts across the board then you will thrive in this role. While you work with clients, we will also provide you with plenty of opportunities to get involved with research and development efforts to help us raise the standards of blockchain security. 2. Responsibilities 2.1 Work directly with the internal developers and PMs to audit protocols requested, including smart contracts, protocols, and dapp. 2.2 Conduct security research and publish your findings in technical documentation, internal posts or conferences. Improve our processes and offering and strive for the satisfaction of stakeholders. 2,3 Contribute to develop internal tools that help for improving the security services by following good engineering practice. 3. Requirements 3.1 Minimum educational background: Bachelors’ degree or a Master or PhD in Computer Sciences or Security Information. Minimum of 3+ years professional experience as Software Engineer, or Security Engineer.Please 3.2 2+ years of experience in Solidity, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and/or blockchain technology. 3.3 Solid experience in threat analysis, advanced persistent threat (APT) or response. 3.4 Experienced in threat and vulnerability management, penetration testing, and SecOps (intrusion detection, security logging, malware analysis, and forensics). 3.5 Experience in programming languages such as Rust, Golang, Solidity. 3.6 Strong background in Math is a plus. 3.7 Passionate with Cryptocurrency/DeFi/Blockchain is a plus. 4. Team’s culture 4.1 We do only first class business and only in a first class way 4.2 We believe in the future and bet the firm that way 4.3 We take a long view of relationships, because we are in the relationship business 4.4 We are all different, we recognize that, and we win 4.5 We celebrate the good times 4.6 We do it for the team 4.7 We play to win
  • 20k-30k 经验1-3年 / 不限
    IT技术服务|咨询,网络通信 / 不需要融资 / 2000人以上
    Has large scale system setup/deployment experience, Familiar with Shell/Python scripts.
  • 内容资讯,短视频 / D轮及以上 / 2000人以上
    职位职责: 1、负责字节跳动广告联盟(非中国区)游戏行业产品解决方案; 2、从预算侧视角思考和设计投放产品和策略,优化投放链路,提升广告主投放roi; 3、高效协同相关团队,拿到预期结果,推动业务持续健康发展。 职位要求: 1、本科以上学历,3年及以上移动广告领域相关经验,算法、统计学相关经验背景加分; 2、逻辑思维、学习能力和独立思考能力强,善于沟通,具备强烈的好奇心和自我驱动力,喜欢接受挑战,追求**; 3、责任心强,能在较大压力和不确定性下保持积极工作状态,持续推动业务增长,追求**; 4、海外教育或工作背景加分。
  • 15k-25k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    金融 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    工作职责 1、负载均衡设备上架标准接入和初始化; 2、负责负载均衡日常监控巡检和相关异常的根因分析及解决; 3、负载均衡故障诊断、问题处理、性能调优和安全管理; 4、新技术引入与转化,包括信创负载研究,国密负载了解等。 任职要求 1、本科及以上学历,从事负载均衡运维3年以上,有F5/软负载/国产化负载均衡产品运维经验; 2、精通负载均衡软硬件性能和配置调优,熟悉负载均衡相关参数配置和负载算法等; 3、熟悉软硬件负载设备的环境搭建、集群部署,有负载性能优化、并发问题处理经验者优先,包括:F5负载均衡和/LVS/KEEPALIVE/HAPROXY/NGINX; 4、熟悉TCP/IP协议/HTTP协议,能熟练进行抓包定位和常见问题分析。
  • 教育 / 不需要融资 / 500-2000人
    岗位职责: Job Title: HPC运维工程师 Operations Engineer of HPC Department: Data Center (DC), Information Technology Department (ITD), HKUST(GZ) Job ID: Job Posting Details Formally established in June 2022, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)(HKUST(GZ)) is a cooperatively-run higher education institution between the Chinese mainland and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. HKUST(GZ) has obtained approval from the Ministry of Education (MoE) and become the first legally-independent educational institution co-established by the Mainland and Hong Kong since the announcement and implementation of the “Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” and the “Overall Plan for Deepening Globally Oriented Comprehensive Co-operation amongst Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in Nansha of Guangzhou”. With a spirit of pioneering innovation, HKUST(GZ) charts new territories in cross-disciplinary education and explores new frontiers in pedagogies, aiming to serve as a role model of the mainland-Hong Kong integrated educational development and become a world-famous high-level university, endeavoring to nurture future-oriented, high-level and innovative talents. HKUST(GZ) comprises four Hubs, namely Function Hub, Information Hub, Systems Hub, Society Hub and offers 15 postgraduate degrees. The admission of undergraduate students will begin in 2023, with the first batch of programs covering artificial intelligence, data science and big data technology. Duties 1. 负责高性能集群的运行和日常维护、按时完成日常巡检工作; 2. 负责高性能集群的用户技术支持和集群系统管理软件的维护; 3. 管理高性能集群的计算资源和用户,部署管理策略,监控运营环境; 4. 为高性能集群的发展提出可持续性发展建议,不断优化集群环境性能,改善用户体验; 5. 协助校内科研团队,在高性能集群上进行HPC、AI应用开发及优化工作。 6.熟练安装部署HPC集群环境,快速定位并解决用户在使用过程中遇到的各种问题 7. 深入理解高性能计算与分布式体系架构,掌握性能分析方法,熟练使用各种性能分析工具,分析各类应用的性能瓶颈,给出分析评估和报告,以及改进建议 8. 了解自动化运维及监控工具,提升HPC平台的运维效率及稳定性 任职要求: Qualification Requirements 1.本科或本科以上学历,计算机、电子信息、通信、物理等相关专业; 2. 具有5年工作经验,3年以上相关从业经验,有大型超算中心实际运维经验者优先考虑; 3.熟悉高性能计算集群中服务器、网络、存储实现原理; 4. 熟悉HPC并行计算原理和相关并行框架OpenMP、MPI等,熟悉HPC作业调度系统LSF、PBS、Slurm等; 5. 熟悉某一特定领域科学计算软件,如OpenFOAM、VASP、Gromacs等者优先考虑; 6. 熟悉1-2种常用的深度学习开源软件,如Caffe、TensorFlow等者优先考虑; 7.至少熟练使用Shell/Python/Perl/Ruby中的一种脚本语言,具有良好的编程能力; 8. 熟悉高性能集群的管理、安全、监控和维护等,包括网络安全以及低延时和高速互联的架构网络 (IB、RMDA、iWARP和RoCE); 9. 具有HPC集群建设和实施经验,具备资深Linux系统运维经验; 10.具备大规模HPC集群(500节点以上)的设计、管理和故障诊断经验者优先。 11.具有良好的英语能力的优先考虑; 12. 具备较强服务意识和良好的沟通能力,能够承受一定工作压力。 This is a Mainland appointment, and the appointee will be offered a contract by HKUST(GZ) entity in accordance with the Mainland labor laws and regulations. Starting salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Application Procedure In support of a green work environment, we accept applications submitted online only. To apply, please register and log in via this link: https://sc.hotjob.cn/wt/HKUSTGZ/web/index and search for the opening by Job ID or Job Title. Applicants should include a Resume in their applications, and could check their application status via the recruitment website. We thank applicants for their interest but advise only shortlisted candidates will be notified of the result of the application. (Information provided by applicants will be used for recruitment and other employment-related purposes only.) HKUST (GZ) is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to our core values of inclusiveness, diversity, and respect.