• 8k-12k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    移动互联网,企业服务 / B轮 / 150-500人
    Job Responsibilities: 1. Schedule company management meeting, and taking meeting minutes; 2. Track and record the implementation of the meeting decision, communicate and coordinate with the management team; 3. Draft the PPT or other documents for CEO; 4. Responsible for CEO's calendar management, visitor reception; 5. Arrange business trip for CEO or other admin task 6. Other tasks assigned by CEO; 7.Accompany CEO to attend business entertainment Job Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, very good at English L/S/R/W,TEM8 preferable, 2.At least two years of revelant work experience; 3. Have a good sense of confidentiality; 4. Decent and well-behaved; 5. Excellant with Microsoft Office; 6. Have strong organizational and communication skills, team work spirit and learning ability, 7. Able to work under great pressure.
  • 移动互联网 / D轮及以上 / 150-500人
    What can you tell your friends when they ask you what you do? As a Workplace Experience Coordinator, I will support our team in Beijing with a wide variety of administrative and operational tasks, while helping to cultivate a highly engaging and collaborative hub. In this highly visible role, I wear multiple hats, ensuring a world-class hub (office/workplace) experience for all of our employees to foster high performance. I am responsible for overseeing hub operations, facilities, greeting visitors, and maintaining hub vendor relationships. You will be responsible for and take pride in…. Create and maintain an operationally sound and rewarding workspace filled with positivity for our team. Support creation and implementation of our post-COVID return-to-work plan: facilitate hub refresh project, manage daily scheduling of employees coming into the hub, ensure employees' daily self-certification, and implement necessary changes as we evolve our hybrid work style. Manage relationships with external parties (contractors, suppliers, etc.) and with building management, maintenance, and cleaning staff. Continuously seek to improve our space, ensuring it is always tidy, organized, and inviting to our teams, visitors, and clients. Develop an efficient procurement and inventory process for supplies, food, and beverages, while monitoring budgets and tracking spend. Maintain a process of ensuring the office environment and procedures meet COVID health and safety regulation standards, and ensuring they are observed by employees and visitors. Listen to the employees' concerns and suggestions, implementing changes if necessary, to make them feel engaged and high-performing in our space. Partner with the People team on cultural initiatives, and support them with onboarding and off-boarding. Act as the sole hub representative for our Beijing hub, managing reception, and operational tasks, and serving as the onsite point of contact during business hours. You should recognize yourself in the following... 2 years experience working in administrative, hubs, hospitality or similar fields. Excellent organization, planning and prioritization skills with the ability to coordinate multiple schedules, visitors, and competing priorities with enthusiasm and positivity. Exceptionally strong ownership and "can-do" attitude with an operational mindset. Demonstrated ability to take existing processes and improve them, or identify the need for standard operating procedures where none previously existed. Self-starter, able to work independently. Must enjoy working autonomously while reporting up accurately. Agile mindset with the ability to embrace change and switch gears at a moment's notice; superb multi-tasker. High attention to detail and ability to work efficiently and accurately when under pressure to meet tight deadlines. Strong interpersonal and networking skills, effectively building relationships at all levels with both internal and external stakeholders. This is what we have to offer… We provide a (country equivalent) WFH allowance to set you up for remote work success. Internet allowance for stable internet connection, so your video does not freeze on Zoom. Flexible working days. We love to meet, but if you need to get your kids behind school-zoom, need to leave early to get to your band repetition or gym classes, do your thing. Paid leave, so long as you promise to come back! Health and dental benefits. An international team of talented and engaged people from different cultural backgrounds and locations. Wellbeing allowance for any activity that matters to your wellbeing; (online) gym classes, fitness equipment, mindfulness apps or even childcare support! Unlimited access to online learning platform Udemy to help you develop your skills. Virtual initiatives and events to keep you connected with your colleagues. 酒店行业工作背景优先考虑
  • 广告营销 / C轮 / 150-500人
    Executive Assistant Responsibilities:  Assist the CEO in building relationships with key external business partners, investment institutions, investment banks, government officials, etc.  Assist the CEO in following up on all business development needs, maintain relationships and create a series of next steps that will lead to investment and financing opportunities  Assist in media reception, business negotiations, and important foreign affairs activities, etc.  Assist in maintaining CEO's business (customer) resources, and assisting CEO to promote operational objectives and business plan implementation  Assist CEO in handling all kinds of letters, drafting letters, speeches, reports and other comprehensive documents  Keep good liaison and communication with divisional heads, internal departments and Strengthening internal relations in the company  Responsible for conveying the instructions of CEO , and implementing the completion of the work assigned by CEO  Assist the CEO on daily basis coordinating and scheduling meetings, travel logistics, expenses management, internal reporting, and other misc items as necessary to provide administrative support to CEO  Supervise, coordinate and implement other tasks assigned by the CEO Qualifications:  At least 8 years working experience in similar position in multinational companies  Solid well-known investment institutions EA experience from a similar professional background  Bachelor or above, 211,985 university is preferred  Advanced MS Office Suite  Polished, proactive and conscientious with an eye for detail  Team player with good communication skills and able to set priorities independently  Has the ability to present and liaise with clients at all levels and managing existing relationships  Should be a problem solver with a “can-do” attitude  Strong verbal and written communication skills in fluent/ native English and Mandarin  Flexible and takes initiative  High level of professionalism and integrity
  • 移动互联网,电商 / 不需要融资 / 50-150人
    You will work side by side with some of the most influential minds in entrepreneurship. You will get great mentoring and a chance to practice in order to enhance your skills with the latest and strongest administration approach : - You will have a direct impact on the growth of the company - You will ensure the stability of the company in terms of values by only bringing in people with perfect value alignment with the company - Be part of the exceptional journey of the agency who will become the leader in APAC - Interact directly with the different line managers and gain a strong confidence - Get knowledge and technical skills about how to build digital experiences *****1st role - Data Analytics for a Fast Casual Restaurant Delivery business:***** --------------------- - Build & operateKPI, management dashboards, conduct ad-hoc/advanced analysis to support business functions (using tools from eleme and Meituan) - Conduct experiments to propose new ideas/initiatives - Conduct the market research for business needs - Work closely with stakeholders to deliver insights to business functions - Work closely with business functions (such as sales, marketing, operations…) to understand their needs and support them in making the best business decisions. - Driving the implementation of a data-driven culture as well as delivering business value for the company. *******2nd role - Office Assistant:**** -------------------------- - Support the reception area: represent a decent image of the company, including welcoming guests and clients, preparing the meeting room, arranging the front area as professional, beautiful and clean as possible - Support the call operator: answer and transfer calls as well as take notes for important messages - Support the mail/express, employee office access, visitors and shared working space - Support for business trip arrangement including booking, scheduling and arranging logistic - Support in carrying out company external outing, routine sports day, company trips and so on - Support in organizing company internal gathering and events - Translate information/documents to English/Chinese language - Draft/Scan/Copy/Store/Arrange files as required - Other mission assigned by cases The work scope will be evolved based on the working ability, operation needs and learning curve with millions of missions are waiting. ******Requirements**** - Able to commit 5 days per week in at least 06 months or even longer depending on your availability and willing to grow with ITC for full-time employment in the future - Flexible to change your role in three different functions and cooperate with each leader closely to bring out the best support - Last year students or fresh graduate majoring in Business Administration/Finance/ Economic - Fluent in English & Chinese communication (writing and speaking) - Proficient in using Excel and Google Drive - Can do mindset - Always passionately engaging in numbers, insights and business - A warm-hearted person who really cares about the team - A fast learner who can quickly adapt to all the procedures - A sense of urgency and multi-task resolving - Ability to work both independently and in a team to provide creative and innovative solutions against challenges - Excellent skills in organization, collaboration, and communication - Careful and detail-oriented - A creative, enthusiastic person with the desire to learn about Trade - Live the values of ITC: Quality, Teamwork, People, Passion
  • 5k-6k·13薪 经验1年以下 / 大专
    企业服务 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    Main Responsibilities 工作职责: · Welcome visitors, meeting room reservation and tea room management; 接待来宾,会议室预定及公共休息区域管理; · Answer phone calls and handle incoming & outgoing post; 接听电话,处理快递和邮件往来; · Maintain office supply inventories and ensure that office equipment is in operating order; 办公用品及固定资产维护管理; · Keep reception and office tidy including copy, printer and faxing machine; 保持办公室设备整洁,正常运行,包括复印、打印、及传真机; · Common secretarial work to support communication teams; 行政文秘类工作协助团队沟通; · Other work assigned by superior. 上级分配的其他任务。
  • 8k-12k·13薪 经验1-3年 / 大专
    其他 / 上市公司 / 150-500人
    Job Description: The Admin Assistant is a receptionist/interpreter(Korean) position and responsible for all office administrative operation and occasional Korean interpretation. Major Function: 1. Be responsible for Reception and Office admin work - office supplies, badge management, pantry services, meeting /conference room management, office repair and maintenance liaison, event/travel support, etc. 2. Support line manager in occasional Korean speaking meetings on interpreting. 3. Office EHS coordinator. Support on EHS inspection and make improvement according to EHS & Security requirement. 4. Office 5S controller, environment, and storage management. 5. Be responsible for general services on contractor management, covering cleaning service, indoor plant, pantry supplies, travel & transportation, courier service, etc. 6. Do PR, local payment, and expense report in time. 7. Organize the local staff engagement according to LM’s instruction. 8. Closely working and interaction with building management on those relative operation service, helping with trouble shooting/problem solving, etc. 9. Complies with all company policies and procedures and adheres to company standards 10. Take ownership for issue raise, be courteous, friendly and professional with customers at all time, to be on time for commitments. 11. Skill on Self-learning and development. 12. Performs other duties as required. Qualifications: 1. College/University degree. Administration/Soft Service BG is preferred. 2. 2-3 yrs in admin service/soft service in multi-national companies. 3. Strong communication skills in written/oral Korean. 4. Good communication skills in written/oral English 5. Independent/Self-motivated/Positive, etc.
  • 文娱丨内容 / D轮及以上 / 2000人以上
    职位职责: 1、负责公司移动端产品的渗透测试、安全评估、安全设计、代码审计等各项工作,包括Android、iOS APP渗透测试; 2、对APP漏洞、安全设计缺陷给出加固、整改方案并推动落实,开发必要的工具支持测试; 3、对产品线进行安全开发培训。 职位要求: 1、对移动端漏洞有深入的掌握,能独立挖掘Android/iOS的漏洞; 2、熟练掌握移动端应用的逆向分析、调试、破解技术,并掌握加固技术; 3、对移动端渗透测试工具有较好掌握,并有编码能力(任何一门编程语言),可以根据业务需要开发或修改工具; 4、有良好的团队合作能力、自驱力和抗压能力。
  • 15k-23k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    移动互联网,社交 / C轮 / 150-500人
    【岗位职责】  1、负责果壳旗下精品咖啡品牌“豆选“天猫旗舰店的运营工作,包括但不限于店铺整体策划、风格定位,店铺布局、活动策划、营销推广等; 2、负责对接天猫各类活动资源,制定年度活动计划、执行、优化,完成绩效目标,对店铺的盈利负责;  3、通过后台数据分析及平台工具的使用(有且不限于淘宝客、直通车、钻展、微淘),提高店铺流水,刺激转化及复购;  4、协助产品经理优化产品结构,对品牌竞品进行分析,并提出合理的应对措施;  5、完善店铺的操作规范和操作流程,以提升店铺运营效率。    【任职要求】  1、本科及以上学历,3年以上淘宝/天猫店铺运营工作经验,食品类店铺运营经验/冠级以上淘宝店铺运营经验者优先;  2、熟悉天猫平台规则和玩法,精通平台各种推广手段和营销工具,拥有重点节日及平台大促营销策划经验;  3、具备丰富的天猫店铺运营工作经验,如前台陈列、店内分类、推荐系统、搜索系统等,有从0到1店铺搭建经验优先;  4、具备服务意识及团队协作精神,能承受较强的工作压力,乐于接受新鲜事物。  5、善于通过数据发现问题并能出合理的解决方案。
  • 9k-18k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    移动互联网,金融 / 未融资 / 2000人以上
    岗位职责: 1.根据产品说明说完成概要设计、详细设计; 2.根据详细设计说明书完成功能模块开发,进行单元测试; 3.完成项目Leader布置的编码工作; 4.根据要求搭建服务器环境,并部署项目 岗位要求: 1.计算机相关专业大学本科及以上学历(优秀应届生亦可) 2.有Java开发经验,熟悉JAVA编程,熟悉JVM调优及原理; 3.熟练掌握spring、springMVC、mybatis等主流开发框架; 4.理解一种以上关系数据库,如mysql;熟悉分布式缓存,如redis; 5.熟悉开源的中间件,如kafka,eureka等; 6.具备较强的沟通能力、学习能力和解决问题的能力; 7.具备分布式、集群、高并发处理经验者优先考虑;
  • 25k-35k 经验不限 / 本科
    软件开发,人工智能 / 天使轮 / 15-50人
    岗位职责:1.负责移动端和 Web 端的产品体验设计与优化;2.深度参与MoeGo产品研发的各环节(包含需求分析、产品设计、开发、测试);3.深刻理解用户,将概念性创意转化为解决问题的实用功能;4.与工程师、PM等角色紧密合作,追踪并持续改善用户体验;5.把控产品风格,参与制定设计标准和规范。任职要求:1.本科及以上学历,人机交互、工业设计及计算机等相关专业;2.英文听说读写流畅,欧美留学/工作背景优先;3.扎实的交互设计技能(交互原型图,高保真原型等)4.UX和UI混合的端对端产品设计经验;5.熟悉 Human Interface Guidelines, Material Design 等设计规范 ;6.熟悉欧美最新互联网产品设计趋势;【期待中的你】-独特的审美,对高品质设计工作输出,有近乎苛刻的追求-逻辑清晰,优秀的产品理解能力;-深刻理解用户交互体验,并能应用到产品设计中;-优秀的沟通、协作能力;自我驱动力强,拥有创新热情和探索精神;【关于我们】1. MoeGo始于美国洛杉矶,期待一起打造全世界最好的宠物服务互联网产品;2. 产品上线至今接近完成10亿美金的订单;3. 用户覆盖美国,加拿大,澳大利亚和英国等多个宠物大国。【Why Us】 1. 你一起参与的这个产品,会在一个垂直领域,在全世界范围内做到**;2. 我们极度产品导向,技术导向,用户价值导向;3. 专注,扎实,渴望成长,对结果高要求,一群渴望实现自身价值的团队;4. 有竞争力的薪资和福利。如果你对一线出海产品感兴趣,如果你对设计一款未来现象级的产品有想法,欢迎你带着作品来投递简历!如果你不清楚风格是否match,请直接打开我们的官网:[https://www.moego.pet/]
  • 4k-8k 经验不限 / 不限
    教育,体育 / 未融资 / 50-150人
  • 4k-8k·13薪 经验不限 / 不限
    文化娱乐 / 未融资 / 15-50人
    一、【职位介绍】: 在现有公司发展下公司将着重培养发展二次元ACG文化类主播。 1.拥有**线上、线下发展的渠道资源。 2.计划在2021年打造**二次元流量艺人。给予平台高人气扶持。 3.根据艺人风格,专门为其策划线上、线下活动。 和当红ACG艺人(游戏,桌游,二次元)进行合作。进行粉丝基数增长。 4.将会开脱思维,结合5G到来以后,结合虚拟交互。 打造风格最独特的多元化、电子萝莉风格类型艺人。 5.将会在多个平台拍摄、发布作品,形成系统的引流渠道,爆发式增长粉丝基数、积累作品数量。 二、【招募要求】: 区别于普通类型的网络艺人,打造专属偶像人设。在要求上有所提高。 1.年龄16-22岁, 2.贴近二次元的自身条件。(妆后外貌,声线,才艺) 3.对二次元文化有着浓厚的兴趣。 4.积极配合公司进行才艺,风格,人设上的打造和包装。 5.能够承受韩国练习生式的培训压力。 6.对网络短视频和直播平台有所了解。 7.对长远发展保持耐心和良好的学习心态。 8.有者良好的道德品质。 三、【待遇扶持】 1.**圈内经纪人保姆式一对一指导。 2.**平台人脉、流量、平台资源。 3.公司长期的投资培养。 4.达到一定成绩后,将会调配专业,独立的助理团队。 5.有综艺方面人脉、渠道。给予机会与当红艺人,网红合作、参加电视综艺。 6.保证一定高额保底待遇。 7.提供机会,进行原创歌曲的创作。 8.结合5G后,进行虚拟交互的新概念风格打造。 【其他项补充】 欢迎肯努力,有梦想的你
  • 15k-30k 经验1-3年 / 大专
    医疗|保健|美容 / 不需要融资 / 少于15人
    莱丽康·能量科技养生Since2020 ———————————— 由30+的学霸姐姐创立,你来了能提升知识层次,而且相处不累。 姐姐的梦想起点,230平门面,你来了赚工资的同时多赚一份成功的机会。 姐姐做生意有思路有格局,十年的行业磨砺,将养生换个玩法瞄准的是一片蓝海领域。 姐姐爱吃好玩会享受,赚了钱带你一起嗨! 喜欢我,你就来[勾引] ————————————— 自选坑位 1美容师:手法要熟练。开业有保底,福利有保障。工资标准不会少。 你认真干八千+,努力干万以上 2学员:生活费2000+包学会 3顾问:空位,你懂的。 健康管理师优先 4店长:空位,你懂的。 情商高,懂人性 一经录用转正交保险[爱心] ————————————— 姐姐邀你[机智] 活在一起,一起莱丽康         孙经理***********
  • 12k-18k 经验5-10年 / 本科
    移动互联网,电商 / 未融资 / 15-50人
    职现描述:  1、配合直接上级参与系统的整体设计;  2、配合直接上级制定合理的开发计划、拆分开发任务并对工作进展进行监督;  3、参与Java 服务器系统关键性代码的设计与开发,并对代码进行定期REVIEW,保证代码的质量;  基本要求:  1、Java基础扎实,熟悉J2EE体系结构,熟练掌握J2EE企业级应用开发技能;  2、有良好的面向对象理念,精通面对接口编程和设计模式等;  3、精通Spring、Struts2、IBatis、Junit等相关主流框架技术;  4、熟悉oracle与Mysql数据库,精通SQL语句编写与优化;;  5、熟悉Servlet,了解Nginx/Tomcat/JBoss等服务器;  6、熟悉jQuery等主流开源Js库,了解Ajax面向对象原理并进行项目实践;  7、熟悉IDEA,git,maven等  8、能独立负责厦门的开发工作 办公地址:翔安华伦国际大厦,欢迎居住翔安的伙伴加入团队!
  • 50k-100k 经验不限 / 不限
    物流|运输、生活服务、软件服务|咨询 / 未融资 / 15-50人