• 20k-40k·16薪 经验不限 / 本科
    游戏 / 不需要融资 / 150-500人
    Responsibility: 1.Conduct English/Mandarin translation for daily communication, documentation, and meetings with a high level of clarity and accuracy 2.Manage day-to-day operation aspects of the assigned projects & tasks -coordinate team meetings & discussions and do follow ups -track schedule and facilitate production plans -arrange onboarding,1-1, probation & performance reviews -closely monitor team health and performance -synchronize information with all interest parties 3.Spot issues & risks in the operations and resolve them with interest parties in a timely manner 4.Work with Rioters to optimize workflow to ensure a sustainable growth of team and project 5.Organize and promote team-building activities & events to enhance team bonding and cultivate a positive team environment Qualification: 1.Proficient in both spoken and written English as well as Mandarin Capable of clearly articulating ideas and comprehending information accurately 2.Excellent in time management and critical thinking Able to act proactively to spot problems and find solutions or provide suggestions 3.Able to work independently on assigned projects & tasks with little to no peer support 4.Able to prioritize tasks and allocate resources based on circumstances with flexibility and efficiency 5.Open to feedback and maintain a positive attitude 6.Previous experience in game industry & project management is preferred 7.Oversea studying background is preferred
  • 13k-18k·13薪 经验在校/应届 / 硕士
    人工智能 / 不需要融资 / 2000人以上
    Primary Responsibilities:·         Provides statistical and/or analytical consulting services for customer engagements.·         Translates customer business needs into data requirements and analytical techniques.·         Conducts customer sessions for requirements gathering, data discovery, analysis, reporting, and presentation.·         Demonstrates proficiency in use of Base SAS software/SAS STAT/SAS OR procedures.·         Supports data acquisition, validation, cleaning/preparation, and management from incoming data sources to facilitate analysis.·         Contributes and/or reviews proposals, documentation, publications, and course materials.·         Provides coaching and knowledge transfer in relevant expertise·         Other duties as assigned.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities·         Knowledge of at least one operating system (i.e., Unix, Windows).·         Ability to communicate with people with various technical backgrounds, think analytically, write and edit technical material, and relate statistical concepts and applications to statistical and non-statistical SAS users.·         Basic understanding of analytical concepts and methods.·         Familiarity with programming languages; knowledge of statistics using the SAS System or a comparable analytical tool.·         Becomes familiar with SAS procedures and products.·         Ability to work independently and as part of a team.·         May travel as business requirements dictate at management discretion.
  • 10k-14k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    人工智能服务 / A轮 / 15-50人
    职位描述: 岗位职责 1. 协助产品经理(PM&AIPM)进行需求收集、需求分析、产品调研、产品定义、原型设计、功能规划与排期等产品管理工作; 2. 参与产品的交付与项目管理工作,包括团队沟通、与客户沟通、辅助上线、进度monitoring与推进; 3. 负责已上线项目的产品运维工作; 4. 参与AI产品的训练,所需的产品全流程,包括素材生成、整理、训练、测试等; 5. 管理内外部各类文档的更新迭代; 6. 持续优化迭代产品管理框架类资产; 7. 协同产品和开发团队,提出创新思路,持续优化产品的用户体验; 8. 与客户和内部团队日常沟通,分析理解、拆分、解决问题; 9. 运用工具,确保项目管理流程和工具被执行; 10. 开发团队内部项目管理相关流程和工具; 职位要求: 任职要求 1. 本科及以上学历,CS专业、认知科学、语言学、computational linguistics、HMI等相关专业优先 2. 熟练掌握UML,线框图与原型(Prototyping)能力; 3. 有海外留学或工作经验者(有和不同文化背景的人共事的经验)优先; 4. 有2年以上产品经验(设计或BA),熟悉软件类产品的实现过程(包括从需求分析到产品发布上线),且有成熟的项目作品或上线产品; 5. 拥有To B端互联网产品体验设计及相关领域经验,可以独立完成设计方案; 6. 若无产品经验,则需要有2年以上项目管理经验(需大型外企,或大型互联网类项目),或者2年咨询类(IT咨询或管理咨询)工作经验; 7. You present well, write well (structural writing is a must), talk well in professional manner; 8. You are outcome-oriented team worker, and can perform under pressure; 9. You are fast learner, problem solver, analytical researcher; 10. You like challenge. Self-motivated. Achievement-driven; 11. 对以下内容有实际经验并熟悉: 1. Jira & Confluence及其相关插件 2. 熟悉“瀑布与敏捷”两种开发管理模式,specifically Scrum(熟悉T-shirt方法论为加分项) 3. 产品管理类工具,如在线协同文档与表格、UML、流程图、Office 系列、Omni系列 4. 软件工程类项目部署,工程基础知识和概念,如服务器、数据库、应用、权限、安全性等 12. nice to have: 1. 了解大型跨国企业(MNC)的企业文化与跨部门组织的协同方式; 2. 了解初创公司是为了什么存在(面试会问); 3. 有清晰的个人发展与职业规划;
  • 10k-15k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    旅游|出行 / D轮及以上 / 500-2000人
    工作职责: 1. 负责租车供应链的表现数据,根据数据输出计划,保持供应链竞争力及供应商服务表现。 2. 整理、分析行业供应商资料,对市场上的租车资源进行追踪及分析。 3. 协助挖掘供应商数据,帮助供应商提升效益。及时处理负责供应商的资源问题,找到解决方案。 4. 负责现有供应商维护及拓展工作,包括但不限于各类合作协议和其他合作文件的签署工作。 5. 定期输出工作总结,阶段汇报,配合上级要求制作各类文档。 6. 确保供应商长期稳定合作,并妥善处理突发情况。 任职要求: 1. 本科以上学历,旅游类或海外留学优先,有2年以上工作经验。拥有租车业务工作经验优先。 2. 有强执行力及沟通能力,逻辑思维清晰。 3. 有很好的学习能力,跨部门的协同沟通能力,和良好的团队合作精神。 4. 英语能力CET 6 及以上,听说读写全能。 5. 具备数据分析能力,熟练使用各类办公软件。
  • 15k-30k·13薪 经验5-10年 / 本科
    旅游|出行 / D轮及以上 / 500-2000人
    主要职责: 1. 负责全球专车业务BD,商家管理和业务规划工作。 2. 梳理商家管理运营机制和接入流程,保持资源竞争力,优化商家系统。 3. 收集、组织和分析产品数据,以支持业务团队做出明智的决策和敏锐的市场策略 4. 通过阶段性总结和梳理,和业务线内部相关团队以及其他市场团队共同梳理出阶段性目标,OKR,roadmap. 任职要求: 1. 本科以上学历,旅游类或海外留学优先,有5年以上工作经验,有相关工作经验优先。 2. 有强执行力,良好沟通能力,逻辑思维清晰。 3. 数据分析和梳理报告能力强,能够熟练运用数据分析工具以及办公软件。 4, 有很好的学习能力,跨部门的协同沟通能力,和良好的团队合作精神。 5. 能够适应偶尔出差,英语能力CET 6 及以上,听说读写全能。
  • 25k-35k 经验3-5年 / 本科
    科技金融 / D轮及以上 / 500-2000人
    About the Job: Airwallex aims at delivering the best financial products in the digital age, and the Revenue Strategy team plays a pivotal role in building up the product-market fit. The team is responsible for driving market insights, devising business strategies, contributing to key commercial deals, and collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders to enable sustainably high business growth in China. You will work closely with various functions and commercial leaders to drive commercial success. Responsibilities: - Lead market research activities to identify key business opportunities for China businesses - Lead and contribute to internal cross-team strategic projects to identify and devise - Facilitate commercial decision-making with market insights and deep understanding of customer needs and product capabilities - Support the product team to outline and prioritize new product capabilities - Support partnership efforts with financial institutions and ecosystem partners - Research and study regulatory policies in support of existing and new business models and go-to-market strategies Qualifications: - Bachelor’s degree or above from a top institution, Master or MBA preferred - 2-4 years of work experience with management consulting, venture capital, or corporate development in a top fintech or TMT company or a professional firm - Passionate about startup culture, with a strong ownership mentality, high resilience under pressure, and abilities to navigate through a global organization - Experience synthesizing multiple information sources into a coherent framework for addressing business opportunities or challenges - Experience working with and advising senior-level executives - Solid skills in data analysis, with some familiarity in data analytical tools and methodologies - Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills in order to coordinate with different parties and drive project implementation - Fluency in Mandarin and English
  • 35k-55k·13薪 经验5-10年 / 本科
    文娱丨内容 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    Responsibilities: You will partner with our HQ leaders to facilitate People services and actively engage in staffing, organizational development, & talent management. 1.Develop and own the People strategies for your defined business area in line with business vision and goals. Support the development of the organization and people plan and translating the overall plan to execution. 2.Develop a high performance organizational culture and identify the capabilities and leadership required, ensuring performance issues are promptly addressed. 3.Involve in organizational design & transformations, support the capability building for the developing organization. Responsible for the delivery of comprehensive HR services to the business to support the entire employee life cycle HR operations. 4.Implement the People Cycle (organizational & people review, target setting and cascading, engagement) process for assigned business units and recommend appropriate development and coaching solutions. 5.Work with business partners to ensure a proper handle of employee relations issues and make recommendations to minimize the re-occurrence of such issues. 6.Create strong interactive/quick response partnerships with client groups 7.Build a workforce that creates a competitive advantage by recruiting, developing and retaining top talents. Knowledge & Experience: 1.Over 7 years extensive Human Resources experience, BP experience in multinational. companies preferred. Management consulting experience can be a good alternative 2.Strong hands-on experience in talent attraction, retention, workforce planning, employee engagement, and etc 3.Experience in deploying digital transformation projects 4.Excellent communication skills, ability to influence at varying levels across the organization 5.Ability to handle multiple priorities and navigate in a highly matrixed environment 6.Strong interpersonal skills 7.Love to be hands-on and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment 8.Bachelor’s degree or above
  • 8k-10k 经验不限 / 本科
    医疗丨健康 / 上市公司 / 500-2000人
    About this opportunity The Consumer Applications Associate Devops Engineer is responsible for building and maintaining micro services architecture in Aliyun, AWS, Heroku clouds. As an Associate Devops Engineer the candidate will be a strong contributor in the execution of the strategic direction for the company, the success of this position will be measured by the usability, quality, and timeliness of applications delivery. You will participate on architecture, design, and implementation of these applications. In this role, you will… • Responsible for requirements definition, design and implementation of backend applications infrastructure in multiple clouds. • Responsible for contributing to and being a champion of the backend architecture. • Responsible for working with business owners to propose high-quality user experience solutions for micro services • Responsible for working with tertiary groups such as Security, Architecture, IT Operations, and QA to ensure quality design, delivery, and adherence to corporate standards. • Ensure application development principles, standards, and best practices are followed for each project • Provide support to audit processes and quality management system as required. • Work with third party tools and marketing platforms for various marketing needs. In this role, you’ll need … • Must have bachelor’s degree in computer science or related streams • Experience with object-oriented programming • Strong fundamentals including an understanding of data structures, concurrent programming • Able to write elegant, efficient, and testable code • Must have the willingness to learn new technologies and embrace the technology trends • Experience with relational databases
  • 2K
    游戏,移动互联网 / 上市公司 / 50-150人
    RESPONSIBILITIES: • Deliver timely, accurate, and respectfully follow up to customer questions and issues • Build deep knowledge of 2K products • Troubleshoot game issues on PC, Mobile, PlayStation and Microsoft consoles • Take ownership of Customer Service incidents and work to resolve them successfully • Interact effectively with customers and internal developers • Escalate issues as needed • Assist in generating training materials and customer-facing documentation • Become the subject matter expert for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support • Work closely with other customer service associates KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: • Technically proficient with PC's and various gaming consoles • Computer literacy, specifically MS Office Suite and G Suite • Ability to quickly learn customer service based tools and techniques REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: • High School diploma or equivalent • Minimum age of 18 years and above • Proficient in Windows and MS Office • Strong verbal and written communication skills • Ability to proficiently read, write and speak English (at a C1 level) and either: Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese (at a C2 level) • Working knowledge of current video game platforms and related hardware • Excellent attention to detail • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with 2K teams and our customers • Reliable and can be counted on to work all scheduled shifts • Capable of working any mandatory overtime; which can occur during the workweek, weekends, and holidays PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: ● Previous customer support experience in an online environment ● Familiarity with Zendesk, helpdesk software or issue/bug tracking tools ● 1+ years of Customer service experience
  • 7k-8k 经验1-3年 / 本科
    工具类产品,人工智能服务,数据服务|咨询 / D轮及以上 / 150-500人
    YipitData成立于2010年,总部位于美国纽约,目前是E轮融资独角兽企业,估值10亿美金+。 2021年,我们收购了爱迪生(Edison),总部在美国,目前在广州和北京都有成立了分公司。 国际化团队;灵活弹性办公;公司福利薪酬丰厚 超长年假,超全福利,超广平台,不卷,快速发展,晋升通畅 岗位职责: 对外语邮件数据进行基础数据提取,数据清洗; 进行统计分析,包括分类分析,跟踪分析,趋势分析; 响应客户需求和问题。 岗位要求: 本科学历; 强调学习能力,理解能力和逻辑思维能力,沟通与表达能力好; 母语为中文,有一定的英文阅读能力,会葡萄牙语或者其他外语优先; 踏实、细心,有责任感,项目执行力强。 工作待遇: 团队氛围良好,扁平化管理 灵活弹性办公,开放式请假政策,工作时间为965,注重员工的work-life balance 五险一金 + 补充住房公积金,家人同享高端医疗保险,另外每月有自我进修/健身运动等额外津贴 年终奖另计
  • MRS
    人工智能服务 / A轮 / 15-50人
    职位描述: 岗位职责: 1. 固定资产管理(信息化):以物料生命周期为基础,使用在线工具管理各类办公所需的固定资产分发、替换、收回等工作; 2. 办公场所的信息化管理: 1. 管理北京与上海两地的办公场所,包括租赁签约、扩张所需调整、发现新场所等; 2. 管理团队成员在办公场所的工作体验; 3. 财务采购与支付的信息化管理:因公司运营所需的办公物品的相关采购,包括团队建设、客户关系、外部供应商(非经营类)的支付与账目; 4. 财务报销流程的工具化管理:包括差旅、项目组成员各类日常报销等; 5. 投资机构关系管理:包括周期性的财报沟通、访问管理、行政事务协调等; 6. 各类工商事务管理:管理公司公章/营业执照的使用审批,以及注册/变更/年检进行等级与审批等; 7. 税务与财务的工具化管理:对项目所需的发票管理;对外部税务人员的; 8. 各类资格认定的资质申请、管理、借阅等工作; 9. 合同与协议(工具化)管理,包括印鉴与用章等管理工作; 职位要求: 任职要求: 1. 1年以上财务与行政相关的工作经验,有科技类初创公司工作经验优先; 2. **本科及以上学位,英语专业优先; 3. 了解科技类初创公司的性质,并有驱动公司发展的热情; 4. 职业素养:崇尚专业精神,具备强烈的服务意识,执行力强,适应力强; 5. 工作模式:成就驱动,是独立型问题解决者,看重工作效率与交付质量; 6. 抗压能力:公司在高速增长,需要能够承受增长带来的工作,成年人的责任感; 7. 团队合作:非常善于沟通与协调; 8. 工具思维:习惯使用工具来代替重复劳动(必备项,不具备将于CEO直接冲突); 9. 语言能力:具备日常工作所需的英语书写与对话能力; 10. 结果导向与过程管理并重; 11. 渴望学习与成长;
  • 金融 / 不需要融资 / 2000人以上
    职责描述: Finance today often struggles to meet competing priorities. Not only does management demand Finance to provide quicker and better analytical insights to support decision-making, but new accounting standards, rapid changes to business model and M&A activities also place significant pressure on Finance to adapt fast. Now more than ever, business and finance executives seek assistance from us to improve the productivity and performance of their finance operations and transform their finance functions into trusted business advisors. To enable our clients in establishing world-class finance functions, we adopt a cross-disciplinary approach to provide insight on how to better design finance organizations, processes, data and systems with leading practices and digital technology, as well as facilitate our clients in managing capital market transactions, such as getting ready for IPO, carving out business units for spin-off, integrating finance functions after a merger, etc. 实施财务、供应链、生产、成本,车间管理等综合ERP系统需求调研及蓝图规划,完成ERP项目的实施与交付,主要负责金蝶云星空,星瀚,苍穹产品线; 对客户的需求进行调研,设计项目实施方案,遵照金蝶实施方法论完成ERP软件的实施与交付; 结合客户项目需求,提供ERP软件安装、蓝图设计、系统实施、用户培训、业务流程梳理; 进行系统安装、调研、实现、测试、培训、技术支持,项目的进度和过程管理,优化实施方法 与客户业务人员进行有效沟通,定期同项目经理汇报; 协助项目经理对所交付的项目进行总结整理项目知识库; 对主流的ERP、OA等有一定的了解,对PAAS平台等有一定的了解。 任职要求: 本科及以上学历,财会或计算机相关专业优先。具有2年及以上的ERP项目实施和交付经验; 对于管理咨询、财务等具有一定知识;具有一定的英语基础沟通和书写能力; 有较强的责任心和执行力,良好的沟通、逻辑思维及语言表达及组织协调能力; 能承受一定的工作压力,具备较强的目标感,对自己的职业有明确的规划,对个人的综合能力提升有强烈的期望; 能够较多国内、国际差旅和跨时区团队协同工作; 有强烈自驱力,愿意克服困难同团队一起挑战高难度的任务,具有坚强的毅力和快速学习的能力; 协作精神,愿意同团队一起成长和成功。
  • 30k-60k 经验5-10年 / 本科
    企业服务,游戏 / 不需要融资 / 少于15人
    Job Responsibilities • Collect and summarize the needs of internal and external partners, and cooperate with the producer to expedite and follow up the progress. • Conduct decks and other relevant documents on various issues to present to overseas partners. • Drive initiatives to foster innovation by analyzing current pain points in workflows and tools and leading efforts to achieve sustainable solutions. • Assist the project producer to organize the team to complete the development goals at all stages according to the roadmap. • Summarize and follow up the requests of all partners and assist the producer to develop the roadmap. • Follow up the performance of each version, and coordinate with the team to make subsequent optimization plan. Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience • Minimum of 5+ years of relevant work experience in a production role with experience working on AAA titles and global teams. • Able to analyze projects and catch potential issues in advance. • Good team leadership, able to lead the team to achieve development goals. • Deep understanding of the end-to-end *****ization process for games or software products • Demonstrated leadership skills in a global, cross-cultural team environment. • Good English written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills with the ability to cultivate productive and positive relationships with internal partners, managers, and peers. • Good presentation skills, excellent organization and coordination capacity and pay attention to details. • It would be a plus if you have the overseas product *****ization experience, and can coordinate and schedule *****ization work in different languages
  • 2k-3k 经验在校/应届 / 本科
    企业服务 / 上市公司 / 150-500人
    【岗位职责】 ①能快速高效得学习行业知识及主流公司情况,了解各岗位工作內容和评估标准 ②独立或同资深顾问一起根据客户要求,制定寻访目标和计划,进行候选人推荐 ③了解和分析行业发展趋势,捕捉市场动态,寻找和挖掘业务信息,必要时为客户提供一定的招聘咨询或专业建议 ④通过线上线下等多种方式访寻候选人,与候选人进行深入的沟通,针对候选人情况匹配合适职位并进行专业推荐和后续面试管理 ⑤完成对潜在候选人的甄选和评估,协调客户面试和薪酬谈判,提供候选人入职前、中、后的跟踪服务,给予客户和候选人相应的招聘和发展建议 ⑥进行客户关系维护和业务拓展,建立相关领域的优质人才库 【招募要求】 23届本科及以上大学生,专业不限
  • 企业服务 / 上市公司 / 2000人以上
    【薪资】 6-8K 【工作地点】 西安:雁塔区丈八四路 20 号-神州数码科技园 5 号楼 13 层 咸阳:西咸新区沣西新城总部经济园 5 号楼 9 层 【联系方式】 投递邮箱:*********************** 联系微信:xiaoyuankol 简历投递,请做好备注(教育部+姓名 +学校 +年级) 【岗位职责】 ①能快速高效得学习行业知识及主流公司情况,了解各岗位工作內容和评估标准 ②独立或同资深顾问一起根据客户要求,制定寻访目标和计划,进行候选人推荐 ③了解和分析行业发展趋势,捕捉市场动态,寻找和挖掘业务信息,必要时为客户提供一定的招聘咨询或专业建议 ④通过线上线下等多种方式访寻候选人,与候选人进行深入的沟通,针对候选人情况匹配合适职位并进行专业推荐和后续面试管理 ⑤完成对潜在候选人的甄选和评估,协调客户面试和薪酬谈判,提供候选人入职前、中、后的跟踪服务,给予客户和候选人相应的招聘和发展建议 ⑥进行客户关系维护和业务拓展,建立相关领域的优质人才库 【招募要求】 23届本科及以上大学生,专业不限 【薪资待遇】 ①年薪12W-15W+ ②签署劳动合同后,公司会按照相关国家规定,根据员工起薪的社保、公积金基数,缴纳法定五险一金。 ③顾问岗校招转正人员,2023年享有3万元保底奖金