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1.Held a post concurrently in Zhongxing CPA. from December,1998 to May,1999. and mainly worked on evaluating project finance and made up cash flow tables. 1998年11月至1999年5月在中兴会计师事务所兼职,主要从事财务评价、现金流量表的编制分析和产业的市场调查与跟踪研究等。 2. Assistant to the General Manager of Shenzhen Petrochemical Industrial Corporation Ltd..Handled the itinerary schedule of the general manager. Met clients as a representative of the corporation. Helped to negotiate a $5,000,000 deal for the corporation. 深圳石油化工集团股份有限公司总经理助理。安排总经理的出差旅行计划时间表。作为公司代表接见客户。协助公司谈成了一笔五百万美圆的交易。 3. Secretary to president of Silverlion group Corporation Ltd.. Responsibilities: Receiving visitors, scheduling meetings, taking and typing dictation, writing routine letters and reports.  银利来集团有限公司董事长秘书。职责:接待访客、安排会议、笔录并打字、书写日常信函及报告。



4. Public relations girl at Guangzhou Holiday Inn. Full-time in summers, part-time during school. 在广州文化假日酒店当公关小姐。暑期全职,上课时间兼职。 5. Assistant to manager of accounting department of a joint venture enterprise. Analyzed data and relevant financial statistics, and produced monthly financial statements. 一家合资企业会计部门经理的助理。分析数据及相关财务统计数字,而且提出每月的财务报告。 6. Worked 21 hours weekly as a salesgirl at the bookstore of Shenzhen University. Earned 45% of college expenses. 在深圳大学书店当售货员,每周工作21小时,砖了大学费用的45%。 7. Production manager: Initiated quality control resulting in a reduction in working hours by 20% while increasing productivity by 25%. 生产部经理:引入质量控制,使工作时数减少了20%,而生产力则提高了25%。 8.Practical summer experience. Clerked at One-and-One clothes Store in charge of sales, 1992. Employed at Guangzhou Restaurant as waitress, 1993. 暑期的实际经验。1992年,在一加一服装店当店员,负责销售。1993年,在广州酒家当侍应小姐。